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Neon Ulsland is the head of the mysterious Foundation X organization and the overarching antagonist of Kamen Rider W. She is the one who sponsored and funded the Gaia Memory research of the Museum, as well as several other projects including the O-Medals.

She was portrayed by Maria Theresa Gow.


Prior to the events of Kamen Rider W, Neon adopted Charming Raven Inc.

Neon informs Jun Kazu that the Foundation has decided to cut funding to the Museum and their Gaia Memory research, and needs a new project to invest in, such as the O-Medals. However, when Kazu tells her that he and Saeko Sonozaki still plan to resume the Gaia Impact, Neon says she will request more funding from their board of directors if they succeed.

After observing Kazu's defeat, Neon decides to officially end the foundation's Gaia Memory research.


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