Neptuneman number one

Neptuneman is a character in the comedic superhuman wrestling manga Kinnikuman. Originally appearing as a villain, like many such characters he turned over a new leaf after losing to Kinnikuman. He was modeled after Hulk Hogan.

Neptuneman entered the Universal Tag-Team Tournament as with the help of his Perfect Chojins, Neptuneman arrives at the end of the Team Super Phoenix vs. Team Soldier battle and collects the ashes of Ataru Kinniku. He then appears again in the shadows during Geronimo 's match against Omegaman and saves him from the Omega Catastrophe Drop by blowing some of Ataru's ashes into the ring.

When he returns disguised as The Samurai to help Kinnikuman and Robin Mask in a 3-man tag match against Kinnikuman Super Phoenix , Omegaman, and Mammothman. When the Samurai breaks free anyway, breaking the string and burning his page, in order to save Kinnikuman from Omegaman's Omega Catastrophe Drop, after which he disappears. His soul then helps Robin, Ataru, and Geronimo free Kinnikuman's Burning Inner Strength and defeat Super Phoenix. The four of them are later revived by Kinnikuman's Face Flash.