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Oh, yes, live long and prosper.
~ Neral, to Spock

Neral was a Romulan male introduced in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Unification, Part I. He was played by Norman Large in his initial Star Trek appearance, then by Hal Landon, Jr. for his appearance on Deep Space Nine.

The son of a Romulan Senator, Neral entered the Romulan military and graduated in 2344 as a uhlan. One of his first assignments was working on Praetor Dralath's security detail, then Narviat when he became Praetor. His wife and child were killed in a Klingon raid in 2350.

By the 2360s Neral was involved in Romulan government and by 2368 had reached the rank of Proconsul of the Romulan Senate. Becoming aware of the reunification movement that sought to have the Romulans reunify with their Vulcan cousins, Neral hatched a plan with Commander Sela and Senator Pardek to capture Spock - knowing of his interest in reunification, and use him to invade Vulcan.

Neral met with Spock, who sensed that his interaction with Neral was off. His suspicions were confirmed when Neral sent a coded message to the military with the time of a planned press announcement that would feature Spock and Neral. Spock, Captain Picard, and Commander Data were captured by Sela's people while Pardek's duplicity was confirmed.

However, Picard, Spock, and Data managed to transmit a warning to the Federation that the Romulans were planning to invade Vulcan, then escape from custody. Even though the invasion was a failure, Neral used the information from Pardek to purge the Krocton Segment and other areas of Romulan dissidents. During his purge his forces found many of the camps Pardek had seen and killed many members of the unification movement.

Sometime between 2368 and 2374 Neral assumed the office of Praetor after the Praetorships of Narviet and Darok. In 2374 he and the continuing committee investigated Julian Bashir, Senator Cretek, and Section 31. He ruled that Cretek was guilty of treason and sent Bashir back to the Federation.

Neral met his end after the Dominion War when the Romulan politician Hiren had him secretly assassinated after the Watrii affair was resolved peacefully, and Watrii were revealed to be another offshoot of the Vulcan race. Neral decided that the Federation was an honorable institution - a move sure to cause dissension among more conservative members of the Empire.

Knowing that he would probably be assassinated before too long, Neral spent his last day at his estate, wrapping up his affairs, writing a series of letters, and making sure his staff and properties were provided for. Hiren sent a flock of poisonous birds to Neral's estate. Due to a recent earthquake the birds were able to penetrate the shields around Neral's home and attack Neral. Deciding to face the end with a measure of dignity he decided not to run desperately for the antidote he kept in his house, but instead laid in his garden and passed away, looking up at the sky as Remus and the other moons rose. Neral was discovered a short time later by servants who went to check on him.

Hiren would succeed Neral as Praetor until his own demise in 2379.


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