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Nesta is the main antagonist of the anime series, Dance with Devils. He is a vampire king and sworn enemy of the devils. He is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara in Japanese dub and J. Michael Tatum in english.


He was once a human who later decided to become a vampire, in order to escape death. He once pretended to fall in love with a wealthy woman named Marta Tachibana who later died, suffering from an illness after giving birth to her son, Lindo, a dhamphir.

Years later, his loyal minion, Jek, brought his niece and daughter of the devil king, Ritsuka Tachibana, after promising that Nesta would lift her from her burdens of the grimoire. As Nesta observed Ritsuka, he saw a bandage around her leg and believed that it was one of his vampire minions who injured her. Ritsuka tried to explain to him that she injured herself after arriving to his castle, but Nesta ignored her and killed one of his minions, after he cowardly ran away. Nesta then looked at Ritsuka again and told her that she looked exactly like his lover. He explained to her that her brother, Lindo, is actually his son and that he pretended to fall in love with Marta to learn more about the grimoire. This angered Ritsuka. She taunted him and called him a monster, for causing the chain of events, convincing Nesta that grimoire slumbers in Ritsuka's body. Ritsuka asked him how he intends to remove the grimoire from her. Nesta planned to remove it from her when the moon is full tonight by hosting a ceremony for him to claim Ritsuka as his bride. He then calls upon his vampire servants to attend to Ritsuka for the ceremony.

As Ritsuka was dressed, she believed she would have a normal life again after Nesta removes the grimoire from her. However, as she asks Jek if she could return to a normal life, Jek smiles sinisterly and explains to Ritsuka that Nesta will kill her once he takes the grimoire all for himself. As Jen brings Ritsuka to Nesta, Ritsuka attempts to kill Nesta with a pair of scissors (which she nearly scratched his face with), but Nesta mind controls her and forces her to attend the ceremony. Once the ceremony commenced, Nesta was about to Ritsuka in the neck until two dogs summoned by Rien, minion of the demon king, appears and stops him along with , freeing Ritsuka from Nesta's control. As she tries to flee, however,


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