Behold my glorious true form!
~ Nethera
Do you have feelings for her? Is that the reason for this stubborn persistence?
~ Nethera

Nethera is the main antagonist in the video game Men In Black: Alien Crisis.

Appearence and powers

Nethera is a gigantic scorpion-like alien. She has three yellow bulbs on her tail and a stomach cavity. Nethera's powers are her powerful tail, which can also shoot lasers, and she can release her alien offspring from her stomach cavity. If she's weakened, she recovers by using a ceiling energizer.

Role in the video game

Nethera first appeared when she took the form of Agent C, possessing her as a disguise.

After Agent P entered the spaceship and fighting off several Nakkadans, he confronts Nethera, who reveals her true form. Agent P then battles with Nethera, and shoots the bulbs of her tail. During the battle, Nethera knocks Agent P to another arena. After Agent P shoots the cords of the ceiling energizer, it crushes Nethera, killing her. Agent C was released from her body, and the two agents escaped before the spaceship exploded.


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