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Nettori is the seventh boss faced in Metroid Fusion, being the very garden of Sector 2 brought to life when infected by the X Parasites. It caused a power outage in the BSL research station by tampering with the Reactor Silo with its vegetation.


After Samus leaves Sector 5 after obtaining the Power Bomb upgrade there, Nettori caused a growth of brown vines to infest the Reactor Silo, choking the Central Reactor Core and hindering its functions. At this point, hatches, elevators, healing stations and save stations no longer work. After the Auxillary Power Station is reactivated, healing stations and save stations start working again, but Nettori's vegetation is still preventing hatches and elevators from working. Samus then heads to Sector 2, the tropical site of the Biologic Space Laboratories research station to end the threat.

After Samus ventures deep into Sector 2, she watches as the family of plants she stands in evolves into a hostile creature, Nettori. Nettori will then begin to attack Samus with carnivorous flowers and pollen puffs until it is harmed enough that its "face" falls off. Nettori then starts to fire plasma beams until its form is destroyed, changing to its Core-X form. After defeating Nettori, the vegetation infesting the station is cleared out and Samus gains the plasma beam to assist her on her mission.


Nettori's central form is a yellow, bipedal alien statue ensnared in vines with plant life growing out of it. It is connected to a trio of carnivorous flowers and a pair of smaller flowers. It is also connected to various growths of vegetation throughout the station.


  • Nettori's main body resembles the Golden Torizo boss from Super Metroid. It's unknown if this was intended or not.


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