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Neun and Zehn are antagonistic, gigantic twin brother encountered in the horror video game, The Evil Within. Abandoned at an orphanage at birth, whilst the brothers are similar in their size, mutations and violent tendencies they are also noticeably different in their appearance and attack pattern.


Neun is the more aggressive and almost-constantly enraged of the brothers. His violent tendencies have become so bad that he has to be constantly chained up and wear a mask that covers his eyes and ears. He charges at Sebastian with surprising speed so it is best to run.


The more cowardly of the two, Zehn walks at a slow walking pace though his giant stone pillar can greatly damage Sebastian. He also appears less mutated than Neun, except for his head which seems to be a tumour out mass

Both appear in the main game but only Neun appears in the DLC, The Consequence and Zehn appears by himself as a boss in The Executioner.


The Evil Within

Zehn and Neun are the guardians of an underground cemetery laboratory after being mutated to horrendous giants. 

Zehn is firstly released by a Haunted whose head he breaks open whilst being released by chains. He charges at Sebastian with a stone pillar and depending on what the player does, they can either kill him first or unknowingly release Neun, leading to need to defeat both of the brothers simultaneously. Fortunately, Joseph is able to assist with a sniper rifle and together they kill the brothers. 

A cemetary note reveals they were conjoined twins and mutated at a rapid rate the same time.

The Evil Within: The Assignment

Neun appears in the DLC, The Assignment. When Kidman releases a lever, Neun breaks through a brick wall and attempts ro grab her but this was in fact a hallucination.

He chases Leslie Withers through the courtyard but is blocked by a gate to the church. Kidman uses several boxes to avoid the giant (as he will one-hit kill her) and when he finally realises a potentional victim, he angrily tries to open the gate with no avail.

The Evil Within: The Executioner

Zehn is a boss fight in the DLC, The Executioner. The Keeper has to fight him near an open spaced market with several Haunted assisting the giant. Melee attacks won't affect him initially but using the crossbow can stum Zehn and then is when to finish him off.


  • The twins are implied to be German because Neun and Zehn are German for nine and ten