The Nevi are the main antagonists in the Gravity Rush series.


Gravity Rush

The Nevi were first seen where one that looks like a giant hand was terroriving the town. They would often appear around Heksvile, where Kat and Raven would often fight against them. Kat had to fight against an Octopi-looking Nevi in one of Gade's pocket dimensions in order to move to the next district. Near the school district, a Nevi merged with a girl known as Echo, where Kat has to destroy it because she would have possably died if the merge continued. She than went to one of Gade's pocket dimensions once again to fight against a the Nevi, only to instead fight against Raven. Kat than went to Gade's last pocket dimension, but not before Dusty was feeling ill after eating cookies made by Nevi, although a bit weakened Kat went to fight against the Plant-looking Nevi to bring back a part of the land. However, the Nevi was not defeated and so Kat had to fight against it and some of the other Nevi. A bit later on in the industrial district, it was shown that Alias was using the Nevi in his plans an merged with a two-head snake-dragon Nevi, only to be defeated by Kat. Kat than went to receive a letter from someone, where she also fought against some Nevi and Raven again until she found herself at the bottem of Heksvile, where a giant Nevi was terrorizing the forgotten schoolchildren, leaving to both Kat and Raven to team up to fight against it. This giant Nevi also followed the Schoolchildren and Kat, until it went into one year to the future and was destroyed by the Army of Hecksvile. Kat began fight the regular Nevi again until she saw the Sea Anemone, witch went haywire, leaving to Kat, Yunica and Raven to team up to fight against it.

Gravity Rush 2

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  • The Giacago Nevi is a DLC Minion in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
  • The Nevi share some similarities to the Heartless, from the Kingdom Hearts series.


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