The New Jersey Chapter Overseer is a major villain of the Slender series DarkHarvest00.


This man, whose identity is unknown, is the Overseer of the New Jersey Chapter of The Order. According to his speech in Greg's Log #3, this particular Overseer was appointed to his position of power by Jacob Rainwood, the current Chief Overseer.

The Overseer was first seen in Greg's Log #3, in which he welcomes Greg Benson into The Order. He is seen again in a videi called The Order, in which he is "interviewed" by Noah Maxwell. During said Interview, The Overseer, along with many other members of The Order that were present, Kneeled in respect for the Slender Man when it arrived.

As Slender Man proceeded to assault many members of The Order, The Overseer's status was unknown until Log Entry #28, in which was revealed that he was alive.

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