The New Rubinelle Army are the reformed remnants of the Rubinelle Army and antagonists in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. They seek to conquer the world so their leader Admiral Greyfield can rule it as its new king.


They were formed from the remnants of the Rubinelle military after meteors struck their country. They continued the state of perpetual war against the neighboring country of Lazuria.

They at some point entered business with Intelligence Defense Systems and started buying weapons of mass destruction from them.

They dispatched the 12th Battalion to take out the Lazurian Army. However, after the battle at Fort Lazuria, the Battalion betrays the NRA and teams up with the Lazurian Army, not wanting to assist a madman like Greyfield.

Eventually, the NRA was defeated and dissolved, with Davis perishing alongside a group of Salvation survivors, Waylon retiring after a battle with Will and Tasha, and Greyfield being executed by the second-in-command of the 12th Battalion, Lin.

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