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We have to fight — join us, the Second Salemers, in our fight!
~ The Second Salemers fight against wizardkind.

The New Salem Philanthropic Society ("NSPS" for short), also called themselves "New Salemers, is a fanatical No-Maj (the American English equivalent to the word "Muggle") organization that sought to expose and destroy all witches and wizards. Situated in Pike Street, New York, the group is led by Mary Lou Barebone, who was magically assaulted when she was abusing her adoptive son, Credence. Since then, Mary had been adopting children to her cause, and heavily abuses them, keeping their inherent magical abilities in line. Individuals of the group were also known as the New Salmers.

The organization was active throughout the 1920s, especially in December 1926. The group pickets at a rally being held by supporters of Senator Henry Shaw Jr. seeking his support for their fanatical views. However, they are turned down, and Mary insults Credence, claiming that his mother was an impure woman. Her frequent abuse of her adopted son would to his Obscurus manifesting and wreaking havoc everywhere in New York, making her indirectly responsible for the events that transpire in the film. The society presumably comes to an end when Mary is mauled to death by Credence's Obscurus, whereas Chastity is killed by the aftermath.

The group meets Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays on a weekly basis, and they published and heavily distributed pamphlets entitled "Fighting Modern Evils".


  • It is speculated that the a majority of the members of the NSPS must be of Scourer descent. The Scourers were wizarding vigilantes who spread terror throughout the 17th century. Some had succeeded in avoiding the authorities by intermingling with Non-Majs, and in some instances, marrying into Non-Maj families. As revenge for being banished from the wizarding world, they spread fear about the wizarding world to their non-magic descendants, claiming that all witches and wizards were to be wiped out.
  • Their banner depicts a wand being broken in half and thrown into a fire. This could be a reference to the Salem Witch trials of the 1690s.


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