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Newt is a minor character in Animaniacs. He was voiced by Arte Johnson.

Role in Animaniacs

Newt was the antagonist of Minerva Mink's first appearance, Meet Minerva. He finds Minerva and wants to bring her to his master. Newt tries to kill Minerva by blowing her to smithereens, but then he failed. He was defeated by hitting himself in the head with a hammer causing him to fall into a hole.

Newt also appears in the Animaniacs theme song with the rest of the Animaniacs characters.

In Puttin' on the Blitz, Newt appears in a non-speaking role as he was played by a Nazi guarddog named Schnappsie.

Newt appeared towards the end of Wakko's Wish.


Newt is a dog with grey fur, long floppy black ears and a red nose.