I am one of the supervisors, that's all you need to know!
~ Nikolai to Carlos, about to kill Patrick.

Nicholai Ginovaef was a ruthless UBCS operative and Monitor agent in the Umbrella CorporationHe serves as the secondary antagonist of Resident Evil 3. 


Raccoon City

In October 1, he was in the Raccoon General Hospital where he was seen by Carlos, either attacking a fellow U.B.C.S. member named Tyrell Patrick, or with Tyrell telling him that Nikolai shot him. Carlos later has to run away from C4 charges planted by Nikolai which later blew up the building.

Nikolai used his position to assume command of a U.B.C.S. team tasked with "Operation: Emperor's Mushroom"; to retrieve a sample of blood from a Tyrant named Thanatos. Thanatos proved to be too much for the team to handle, so Nikolai was forced to enact the contingency plan; he killed Greg Mueller with a silenced pistol and then destroyed Raccoon University. This failed, resulting in Thanatos mutating into its super Tyrant form. However, he had escaped long before the building's and the Tyrant's destruction.

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