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Nick Henshall is a fictional character and recurring anti-villain of the ITV British soap opera Emmerdale.

The character was portrayed by Michael McKell, who also played Croxey in EastEnders from 2004.


Nick Henshall is a high-ranking policeman who worked in the Hottel Police Force for years to end up becoming an influential chief detective.

In 2008, he collaborated with the murder investigation of corrupt policeman Shane Doyle. This continued in 2009 when Debbie Dingle was arrested and set to face jail time, up until her friend and Shane's killer Jasmine Thomas confessed to the crime.

In 2010, Henshall was in charge of the investigation regarding the murder of businessman Mark Wylde; he had been killed by his fake wife Natasha over his bigamy. He arrested Mark's illegitimate son, Ryan Lamb, for the crime and charged him for it after Ryan had been framed by his villainous half-brother Nathan for the incident. However, Nathasha was eventually exposed and Henshall arrested her in the end.

By 2011, Henshall had begun dating local resident Kate Sugden and had come into conflict with her former boyfriend Andy. It was soon revealed that Henshall suffered from Hero's Syndrome, which later became impactful when he set a house on fire in an attempt to rescue Kate during his breakdown. However, the fire caused an explosion which killed residents Terry Woods and Viv Hope in the end. In the aftermath, Henshall covered his tracks and allowed Andy to become the prime suspect after entreprenur Carl King had been implicated for the crime. But then Kate learned the truth and confronted Hershall, who took her hostage and threatened to kill her. But in the end Henshall let Kate go free and he committed suicide by shooting himself dead.


  • He appeared in a total of 70 appearences during his time on the show.