Nick Nitro

Nick Nitro

Nick Nitro. Demolition is my mission!
~ Nick Nitro, roll call.

Nick Nitro is an antagonist in the 1998 film Small Soldiers. He is the Commando Elite's demolition expert.

He was voiced by the late Clint Walker, an actor known for his work in the war drama The Dirty Dozen. This was also Walker's last role before his retirement.


During role call, Major Chip Hazard mentions serving with his father. Nitro is famed for over-using explosives. If a demolition expert is needed, Nitro is the guy for the job. He has an independent personality in which he will do anything he can to help his fellow commandos. Destruction to any Gorgonite by explosives is his primary objective.


Nick Nitro is the Commando Elite's demolition expert, and famous for over-using explosives. During roll call Major Chip Hazard mentions serving with Nitro's father, mentioning he was a good man.


Nitro was created by Larry Benson who was the toy creator of company Heartland Playsystems and then bought out from Global Tech. Industries. His partner's name was Irwin Wayfair (creator of the Gorgonites).


Operations Executed (Chronological Order)

Nitro took part in a couple of operations that took action in trying to destroy the Gorgonites. The first operation Nitro took place in was when his commander, Chip Hazard, activated him and then they set out throughout the toy store to destroy any Gorgonite they saw.


The second operation that Nitro took on was when Alan Abernathy rescued Archer from trash disposal unit. This operation was his last mission as well. Nick leaped out and cut Alan’s hand. He then said to Alan, "Surrender, Gorgonite ally. You’ve just met your match." Unfortunately for Nitro, Alan then shoved him into the trash disposal unit. This tore up Nitro’s legs beyond repair in which from there he crawled to the house of Christy Fimple where the other commandos were hiding. He is discovered by Chip Hazard shortly after, fatally shredded. When he reached his fellow commandos, he didn't have much time left. His last words to Major Chip Hazard were "Did... we... win? UUH!" Major Chip Hazard held a moment of silence for his fallen comrade.

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Nick Nitro's evil laugh.

The X-1000 microprocessor chip in Nitro's head was later recovered by Major Chip Hazard and the remaining Commandos. It was used to turn Christy's Gwendy Dolls into auxiliaries.


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Nick Nitro

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