Nick Parsons is the main antagonist of the 1999 film Double Jeopardy.

He was portrayed by Bruce Greenwood who also portrayed The President in the 2017 movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle.


In the beginning, Nick and Libby Parsons seem to be having a happy life with their young son, Matty. While the couple are on a yacht in the middle of the night, Libby sees herself being covered in blood and couldn't find Nick anywhere. She finds herself charged with Nick's murder and was sentenced to six years in prison. During her time while on the phone with Matty, Libby suddenly hears Nick's voice and finds out that he was still alive. It was revealed that Nick faked his death by framing Libby for his supposed murder in order to collect her life insurance policies.

After being released from prison, Libby sets out to murder Nick and gain Matty back all while under the tail by her parole officer, Travis Lehman. After finding Nick in New Orleans and demanding that he return Matty to her, Libby finds herself being locked in a casket after Nick knocks her unconscious by using a decoy boy to distract her. She manages to escape by shooting the hinges off the lid of the casket and escape the mausoleum by throwing a flower vase off the steel glass window.

After Travis visits Nick in his office, Libby comes in by holding him at gunpoint, where Nick is forced to either surrender to the authorities or risk being shot by Libby. In response, Nick pulls out a hidden gun by shooting Travis and fires away at Libby. Just as Nick could shoot her, Travis manages to bring Nick down, but Nick gains the upper hand. But before he could kill a wounded Travis, Libby shoots Nick dead and in the end, Libby manages to see Matty again.

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