" No, you know what I think? I think you're a small town hick who's beginning to realize how deep into shark-infested waters he really is. Careful, when Veronica Lodge smells blood, she'll turn on you, too."
— Nick to Archie[src]

Nicholas "Nick" St. Clair is a recurring character on Riverdale. He is portrayed by Graham Phillips. Nick St. Clair is a minor villain from the series Riverdale based on Archie Comics. He is an old friend of Veronica Lodge from her earlier years, and comes to Riverdale with his parents when they attempt to secure a business deal with Nick's father. As Nick "has his father's ear", as Hiram Lodge puts it, it is hoped that Veronica could win him over by playing off of their prior friendship. Nick is a devious, trouble-making bad boy from Veronica's past, who came to Riverdale looking to win her over. It wasn't long after his arrival that Nick met all Veronica's friends and her boyfriend, Archie Andrews. During his visit, he hosted a party at the Five Seasons Hotel and attempted to force himself onto Veronica. When Veronica turned down his advances, Nick turned his attention towards Cheryl Blossom at the SoDale Gala Opening, where he drugged and attempted to rape her. Fortunately, the Pussycats intervened. Once news of his attack on Cheryl began to spread, Nick fled Riverdale with his mother and father but not before paying off Penelope Blossom to drop the charges. Though it had seemed as if Nick was in the clear, upon learning of his sexual advances towards Veronica, the Lodges not only ended their business deal with the St. Clair's, but they had also hired someone to run them off the road, which resulted in Nick being severely injured, an injury that will take him several months to recover from.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Nick arrived in Riverdale with his mother and father in preparation for the Lodges' upcoming Open House, in which Hiram and Hermione Lodge hoped to garner his family's support as investors. They were greeted at the Five Season Hotel by Veronica, an old friend of his, that he lost contact with after she moved away. While they were in town, Veronica urged them to think of her as their corporate concierge. She was more than willing to answer any questions they had. For starters, Nick asked for a better hotel as he and his family were used to establishments of higher quality. While it admittedly wasn't the Waldorf, nor the Plaza, Veronica insisted that the Five Seasons, like all of Riverdale, had its charms, though Nick could only see one charm, that being Veronica, who was as lovely as ever.

He later met Archie, Veronica's boyfriend, at dinner with the Lodges. While Veronica was thrilled that the two of them were finally getting the chance to meet, she claimed that Nick's brown-nosing at dinner was a bit over the top. How dare you, I love your mother's flan, Nick responded as he stretched out on Veronica's bed. Although, he still had room for more dessert. So, from out his coat pocket, Nick pulled drugs. He offered Veronica the first bump, though, much to his surprise, she wasn't interested, and neither was Archie. After snorting the entirety of the drugs, Nick wondered what it was that they did for fun. He speculated that they caught lightning bugs with mason jars. "What kind of kink is this," Nick asked, after finding a set of cat ears hanging on Veronica's coat rack. She explained that she wore them when playing with Josie and the Pussycats. Knowledge of Veronica being in a band called the Pussycats made her even more attractive, in his eyes, though these subtle advances towards Veronica left Archie feeling uncomfortable.

Upon meeting the Pussycats, and hearing them sing, Nick invited them to a party he was hosting in his hotel room at the Five Seasons, in their honor. He then met Cheryl, who introduced herself as "Riverdale's resident it girl". Afterward, he and Veronica followed Archie out into the hall, where he was introduced to Betty, Veronica's best friend. Nick hoped that Betty could join them at the party, especially since he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

At the party, that night, Nick told a story about his multiple run-ins with Gal Gadot. Looking to turn the party up a notch, with the Jingle Jangle he had scored from Reggie, who had also been invited to the party, Nick peer pressured everyone to partake the night's festivities, mainly Veronica, who was suppose to be showing him a good time per her father's orders. With that in mind, Veronica agreed to participate in the drug taking. While most were on board, Archie and Betty were uninterested, though Archie later had a sudden change of heart, and decided to join them. High off the Jingle Jangle, Nick danced behind the bar with Valerie and Melody. The night was going well until an argument between Betty and Veronica killed the mood.

After everyone else left, Nick commented that never had one of his parties fizzle out so spectacularly. Veronica didn't know what had gotten into Betty as they were supposed to be best friends. In an attempt to seduce her, Nick told Veronica that none of the things Betty said about her were true. In fact, he believed she was incredible, smart, vivacious, and even sexy. It was in that moment that he placed his hand on her leg, looking to make his next move, though Veronica was with Archie. So, she apologized if she gave Nick the wrong impression. But Nick was convinced that she wanted him, so much so, that he went in for a kiss, but Veronica pushed him away, demanding that he stop. Same old Veronica, he commented. She flirted and she teased, but in the end, she still thought that she was better than him. Veronica told him that he was a pig. And while that may have been true, he made a point to remind Veronica that he had the power to implode her father's deal. So, unless she wanted that to happen, she needed to start thinking of ways to show him some appreciation. Nick was even willing to offer a few suggestions. He then went in for another kiss, thinking that this time Veronica would comply, but instead, she slapped him, before abruptly leaving.

At the SoDale Gala Opening, he arrived with his parents and an apology for Veronica, saying that he had been in and out of rehab over the past few months, and wanted a second chance. While the night before was messy, Veronica understood his struggle and was willing to put the past behind them by starting over with a glass of ginger-ale. He then spotted Cheryl entering the event from across the room.

He approached Cheryl, as they didn't get much of a chance to talk at the party. Cheryl was choosing to blame Betty's Britneyesque meltdown for that, and so she was willing to let Nick make it up to her. While his apology to Veronica may have seemed of "pure intentions", it certainly didn't last long, as he put a date rape drug into Cheryl's champagne before handing it to her. After Veronica's father gave a speech in regards to the SoDale project and his plan to reinvent the Southside, Nick and Cheryl danced as the Pussycats performed on stage, though it wasn't long before Cheryl began to suffer the effects of the drug. With little time to spare, Nick pretended to help Cheryl, who could barely stand on her own two feet, away from the party. However, he took her back to his hotel room. Veronica, who was suspicious, followed him with the Pussycats in tow, and rescued Cheryl before he could rape her. Consequently, he was beaten unconscious by the Pussycats.

Later that night, unbeknownst to Nick, the Black Hood forced Betty to offer up a name for him to kill or else he would kill her pregnant sister. Betty was frantic and then gave him Nick's name and address, leaving Nick in the killer's sight. [2]

Nick was surprised to find Betty in his Five Seasons suite the morning after being attacked by the Pussycats, unaware that Betty had given up his name to be the Black Hood's next victim. While Nick was alive and well, he was a bit deranged, stabbing the bar's countertop repeatedly. He first asked Betty if she came to finish what her friends started, then telling her that Veronica was fortunate that he had chosen not to press charges against her. His parents then entered the room to ask why he wasn't dressed yet, but before he could respond, Betty warned them that they weren't safe in Riverdale. Soon thereafter, Sheriff Keller arrived and asked for him and his parents to accompany him to the station as Cheryl had reported the previous night's drugging and attempted rape.

After being released by the local authorities, Nick stopped at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe on his way out of town, ordering two turkey burgers and a Cobb salad. He noticed Cheryl, sitting at a nearby booth, though he referred to her as "Sharon". She asked what he was still doing in town. He replied that he was picking up some fuel for the trip home, before asking Cheryl how she was doing. Cheryl was furious that he roofied and subsequently tried to rape her, though he claimed his memory of the night varied, calling Cheryl a desperate tart from a truck stop town. He accused Cheryl of distorting reality in an attempt to cover her morning after shame. He claimed that she was high, half-naked, and begging for him to have her. Given that he was completely unremorseful of the entire incident, Cheryl advised him to call his lawyer because she was reconsidering her decision to not press charges, though Nick was unfazed. He informed Cheryl of the "hush money" his parents gave Cheryl's "cobra-like mother" in exchange for their silence. On his way out, Nick paid for his meal as well as Cheryl's.

Sometime later, due to unfortunate events, Nick and his parents were involved in a car accident as they were leaving Riverdale. With time, Nick would recover but nothing is known about his parents' statuses. [3]

Recovering at Greenwich Prep Nick was sitting in the bed of his dorm room at Greenwich Prep when he received a surprise visit from Archie. He demanded to know what Archie was doing in New York and why he was wearing a blazer. Archie asked if he remembered Cheryl Blossom, the girl he tried to rape at the Open House. Unfortunately, the cheque his family wrote to "cover the damages" got lost. Archie was there to request that he write her another cheque, for double the amount of the previous one. Nick was surprised to learn that Archie had only come by for money, telling him that the checkbook was in the desk. Archie asked Nick what happened to him after noticing the casts on his legs. Nick replied that it was a Ski accident. He broke both his legs on the slopes, but he couldn't understand why Archie cared. Archie didn't, he explained. He was merely curious. It was weird that Nick came to Riverdale, acted like a jackass, tried to rape Cheryl and then blew up the deal between the Lodges and his family, only to go back down to Vail for a Ski weekend. To Archie, that seemed weird. Through Archie's tone and line of questioning, Nick concluded that he wasn't there for Cheryl. He wasn't even aware that Archie and Cheryl were friends. Archie insisted that he was there to ensure that Cheryl was compensated and that they were friends, but that Nick was likely too high off Jingle Jangle to notice. In spite of all this, Nick still questioned why Archie had really come Greenwich Prep. Archie revealed that it was payback for what he did to Cheryl and Veronica. Still, Nick questioned his intentions. He surmised that Archie was just a small-town hick who was beginning to realize how deep into shark-infested waters he really was. Nick advised Archie to be careful because when Veronica smells blood, she'll turn on him too. This sent Archie into a frenzy, as he attacked Nick, punching him multiple times.

Shortly after Archie left Greenwich Prep, Nick texted Veronica to inform her of the assault, claiming that Archie broke his nose and was foaming at the mouth.

Making His Bones

Nick returns to Riverdale with two of friends and ambushes Archie. He takes Archie to a warehouse and restrains him to a chair before calling Veronica to tell her that it'll cost her to get Archie back. He wants $1 million. Veronica reminds Nick what happened to him the last time he misbehaved. Nick needs no reminder as he will have a limp for the rest of his life following the car accident. So either Veronica gets Nick what he asks for or he will take his anger out on Archie.

Archie pleads with Nick to be released given that the Black Hood is still at large. Nick thought that the Black Hood was dead, but Archie informs him that this may no longer be true. Furthermore, Archie's dad may be in danger though Nick doesn't care. Nick explains that he's about to be disowned by his father thanks to Archie, Veronica and the Pussycats. Nick is viewed as an embarrassment who'll never have the guts to run the family business. Which is why he grabbed Archie. He's going to "make his bones" with Archie. Nick's friends then hold Archie down as Nick assaults him.

Not long after, Nick gets a call from Veronica to confirm that she has his money. So they arrange a meeting a Pop's in one hour for them to do the transaction. Nick and Veronica meet at Pop's as planned. Before they do anything, Veronica wants proof that Archie's okay. Nick shows Veronica a photo he took of Archie, bruised and bleeding. Seeing that he's at least still alive, Veronica hands him over the money though he instantly realizes that it isn't the $1 million he asked for. Veronica swears that she'll get him the rest, but if not from her parents, how else would she get that kind of money, Nick asks. Unless Veronica gives Nick something else. What they started back in New York and even at the Five Seasons. Nick wants a night with Veronica. Even if Veronica does agree, what guarantee does she have that Nick will let Archie go? Nick gives her his word as a gentleman.

Nick tells Archie that his laptop is going to have a live feed of his suite at the Five Seasons where he and Veronica will be on a date. Archie initially believes that Nick is lying, but realizes that this is not the case when Nick reveals that he told Veronica that he would let Archie go afterwards. Archie remarks that he'll kill Nick. Which Nick takes to heart. That's why this can only end one way. When he said that he was going to make his bones, he meant it. But you have to kill someone for that. And who better than Hiram Lodge's Capo.

That night, Veronica arrives at the Five Seasons for their date. Nick questions why she's still in Riverdale when all of Manhattan should be kissing her feet. Nick writes it off as a phase, as well as her relationship with Archie. Unbeknownst to Veronica, Archie is watching their date via live stream. She tells Nick to have a seat as she fixes them both some drinks. Nick believes that he and Veronica could've been so much more as her relationship with Archie is beneath her. Veronica asks that he stop talking about Archie. He agrees and then takes a drink. Nick recalls that he and Veronica used to joke about ending up together one day. That stopped when Nick started roofy-ing girls, including Cheryl. Nick claims that this is all in the past, simple school boy mischief. He then asks Veronica for a dance.

Nick falls unconscious after being roofied by Veronica. To make matters worse, Archie escaped and made his way to the Five Seasons. In retaliation, Veronica and Archie restrain him to a chair before calling his parents and demanding $1 million in ransom for Nick's return.[5]


  • Nick represents the second villain in Riverdale who initially appears an affable and charming young man with an interest in Veronica Lodge who is then revealed to be a toxic misogynist who later only pretends to be sorry for previous bad behavior. The first was Chuck Clayton.
  • Over the last three months, prior to visiting Riverdale, he has been in and out of rehab


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