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Who's scraping on the floor now!
~ Nick Tilsley while brawling with his archenemy Peter Barlow in their competitive feud over Leanne Battersby.

Nick Tilsley is a recurring protagonist and at times an anti-villain in the British soap opera Coronation Street. He has performed many questionable acts, but despite this, he does show a better part of himself at times.



Nick was born to Gail and Brian Tilsley. When Nick was eight years old, Brian was murderedm causing Nick to lash out. However, Gail's boyfriend, Martin, was a calming influence.

Nick fell in love with Leanne Battersby later on, but kept it secret from Gail as he knew she disliked Leanne and her family. Nick studied humanities at college. One day, his class was visited by Brian's killer, Darren Whateley , although Nick didn't realise this at first. Plotting revenge, Nick wrote letters under Leanne's name asking to meet him when he got out on parole. After being released, Darren went to see Leanne causing her to be angry at Nick for endangering her life. Darren made a second visit, this time trying to rape Leanne. Nick called the police and Darren lost his parole.

Leanne's money was not enough to live on and Nick became a model for teacher Miranda Peters. Nick was shocked to learn Leanne was pregnant and demanded she have an abortion, which she reluctantly did. After this, Leanne dumped Nick and said she didn't love him anymore, so he left for Canada.

Coronation Street

Nick returned for Gail's wedding to Richard Hillman. There was initially trouble with getting a ticket for the plane but Richard paid for it in order to surprise Gail. Nick was mugged by some girls and got beaten up as a result of his refusal to fight back. Richard hid him at his grandma's house to avoid Upsetting Gail. At the wedding he was mocked by Aidan Critchley for being beat up by women. He left with Maria Sutherland, who returned unhappy with the experience.

He returned again in 2003 and became friends with his younger sister Sarah's boyfriend Todd Grimshaw. Todd tried to make a pass at him angering Nick, and he was disgusted when Sarah forgave him.

Nick found work at Mike Baldwin's factory. When Janice Batterby made fun of him for no apparent reason, he planted alcohol in her bag to get her fired. When Janice accidentally started a fire, however, Nick saved her life and was hailed for his efforts.

Nick was able to make up with Maria, but it didn't last as Leanne sabotaged the relationship in revenge for Maria sleeping with her sister's boyfriend. Due to this, Nick left.

Next, time Nick returned he bought Tony Gordon's shares of Underworld and became Carla Connor's business partner. When Carla went away on holiday, Nick set up his own clothing firm. Carla was angry when she came back as Nick had stolen her workforce

Nick began an affair with Leanne, despite her dating Peter Barlow who was a friend of his. The pair were caught by Peter's father, Ken Barlow, who agreed to keep quiet if they didn't continue.

During Peter's stag do, Nick intended to tell him of his and Leanne's affair, but they were interrupted by Ashley Peacock. Suddenly due to a fluctuating gas supply, an explosion tore through the joinery and Nick saved Peter, though Ashley's life was sadly lost.

Peter was injured in the explosion and Nick pushed him back to alcohol in an effort to sabotage his marriage and get with Leanne.

Peter found out about the affair from his stepsister Tracy Barlow, but waited until the wedding ceremony for his revenge. At the wedding Peter outed the affair, publicly humiliating Nick and Leanne.

Nick would resume his relationship with Leanne and try to help her win a custody battle for Peter's son Simon Barlow. However, Peter left when Simon chose Leanne over him. When Peter returned, he tried convincing Leanne to go out with him. When she came to take him up on his offer, she found him in bed with Carla. When Nick found about this, he was devastated and got drunk, causing him to sleep with Kylie Platt.

When David Platt found out, he started a hate campaign against Nick. Nick figured out he was responsible and took him for a drive. David tried to kill Nick, who barely survived with brain damage. Nick eventually revealed everything and the family disowned David.

Following his brain damage, Nick suffered mood swings and left Leanne and Simon to protect them from himself. When Leanne began a relationship with Nick's personal trainer, Kal Nazir Nick, was outraged and made life for her at work as difficult as possible. He tried faking seizures to make her feel guilty but she saw through him.

Nick eventually started seeing Leanne again, but a few weeks prior she had become pregnant with Steve McDonald's child. When Nick learned the baby was Steve's, he angrily confronted him but Steve assured him the baby meant absolutely nothing to him and he was fine to let Nick raise it.

When Peter returned, Nick became paranoid he wanted an affair with Leanne and assaulted him in the street.

When Leanne gave birth to her son Oliver, it was only a few days before Steve came clean about the child being his. Nick tried to keep Steve out of Oliver's life, but Leanne reluctantly allowed him access to his child.

Nick decided he Peter Steve, Toyah, Leanne, and Simon should go out on the beach for a day. Peter called Nick out for only doing this to impress Leanne, and Nick revealed he could have given Peter an alibi when he was suspected of trying to kill Ken but chose to try ad let him go down. Leanne overhears this and becomes angry. Nick walks off buy almost drowns in quicksand, but is saved by Steve and Peter. Nick then left the street feeling he didn't deserve Leanne.

When he returned in 2019, Nick stole from his grandmother Audrey and tried to blame it on David when found out. At the last minute, Nick couldn't go through with it and confessed. However, the court still gave David a more severe punishment for blackmailing Nick.