Nico Bradley is the main antagonist of the critically panned 2011 horror film Hellraiser Revelations. He is a cynical teenage runaway who unwittingly became a victim of the cenobites. He was portrayed by Jay Gillespie who also portrayed Pseudo Pinhead in the same film.


Nico and his best friend Steve Craven were 21-year-old college students who ran away to Mexico for his birthday in pursuit of sex and drugs. Soon after they arrive in Tijuana, their car is stolen so the pair hide in a bar where they meet a Mexican hooker. Heading to a restroom to have sex Steve eventually discovers that Nico murdered the woman. Denying it, Nico threatens to blame Steve if they don't leave and continue their trip.

Later the two come across the Puzzle Guardian, who is aware of the murder, sells Nico the Lament Configuration, upon opening the box Nico is captured by Pinhead while Steve escapes. Upon returning Steve communicates with Nico (now in Hell) who informs him to bring him back through blood sacrifice. Bringing a hooker into the room, Steve murders the hooker whose blood brings back Nico as a skinless corpse.

Needing more sacrifices, Steve kept bringing Nico hookers to kill so he could restore him. However, when Steve comes across a hooker who has a baby, he decides he cannot kill any more people. Nico angrily knocks Steve out and skins him alive to escape the Cenobites.

Returning to California (while wearing Steve's skin) Nico reconnects with his family while pretending to be Steve. But upon realizing that the Puzzle Guardian who sold them the puzzle box has followed him home, he realizes that he might be recaptured. Eventually, the Puzzle Guardian shows up and chops his father's face off. Nico takes his shotgun and holds both his and Steve's family hostage. Revealing his true identity, Nico reveals forces his girlfriend, Emma, to open the Lament Configuration in the hopes of having her take his place. However, Nico's disguise fails since Steven is now a cenobite (modeled after Pinhead). Before the cenobites could recapture Nico, the elder Craven picks up the shotgun and kills him before the cenobites could claim his soul.



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