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Welcome, Miss Ernst. Nicola Cuttle. I have been so looking forward to meeting you. You look marvellous.
~ Nicola graciously greeting the Grand High Witch.

Nicola Cuttle is a witch in the film The Witches. She is the High Witch of England and thus serves as the leader of the Witches of England. She is a follower of the Grand High Witch, who serves as the ruler of all the witches on Earth. She is the very first witch to introduce herself to The Grand High Witch in the film. Being The High Witch of England, she is one of The Grand High Witch's favorite underlings, and is frequently shown at The Grand High Witch's side throughout the film.

She was portrayed by Annabel Brooks.


According to Luke's Grandmother, every country in the world has witches. In each country there is a High Witch who serves as the leader of that country's witches. The universal leader of all the witches is the Grand High Witch.

The High Witch of England

Being the High Witch of England, Nicola exercises added privileges and responsibilities that the other witches of England can not partake in. She formally welcomes the Grand High Witch to the hotel before anyone else. She also reviews witch business with the Grand High Witch and her assistant over a tea in the hotel's cafe. At the beginning of the annual witch meeting, The Grand High Witch is seen ordering Nicola to sit in the front row, yelling, “Come along, Nicola, down in front!” At the banquet, Nicola has the privilege of sitting at head table, right next to the Grand High Witch. During the meeting, Nicola is showing her true form which is bald with clawed fingers. She is also one of the witches who give the chase after Luke after had been detected by the witches at the meeting.

Nicola meets her end at the banquet along with all the other witches, when she unknowingly ingests Formula 86 (A magical potion that turns individuals into mice). Although the Grand High Witch created Formula 86 in an attempt to destroy all the children of England, Luke manages to sneak the formula into the witches’ watercress soup. Nicola is seen as the first witch at the banquet to begin turning into a mouse (Not including the cook who was not at the banquet). Nicola and the other witches are then all killed by the hotel staff, believing them to be ordinary mice.



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