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Nikolai Itchenko (also known as Teddy Rensen or simply "Teddy") is the main antagonist in the 2014 film The Equalizer

He was portrayed by Marton Csokas, who also played Mr. Smith in Kangaroo Jack.


Teddy is a very violent and sociopathic person who takes pleasure in killing and torturing, evidenced when he beats a man into bloody pulp over "nothing" and calmly strangles a girl to death for not telling him where McCall is. And thanks to his military background, he is an expert at hand and gun combat.



Teddy Rensen is a very enigmatic hitman, but there is a shade of backstory given. McCall makes a speech at the middle of the film after Teddy asks if he thinks the knows him, and McCall starts talking about a young boy who was abused and was having a horrible life, having never been loved, who trouble found early. The boy was adopted by a good-hearted, wealthy businessman as his sixth child, but continued his behavioral problems, getting into fights in school and doing criminal acts, but just when he was starting to improve due to finally feeling loved by his father, the businessman and his wife were killed, causing him to go insane, but there was a speculation that the boy murdered him when he became paranoid of the fact that his adopted father wouldn't love him anymore. There are speculations that the speech is McCall having done research on Rensen and figuring out his start of darkness, but it is unknown, and further implied that it is false when Rensen responds with "It's a famous story".

Going out to Kill McCall and Death

Teddy is sent by his employer, Russian mafia boss Vladimir Pushkin, to travel to Boston and kill Robert McCall (the protagonist). He spends the entire film pursuing McCall and attempting to capture him. It is revealed that Teddy's real name is Nikolai, and that he used to be a Spetsnaz. Later on, Teddy and his men break into Home Mart (where McCall works) and hold everyone hostage and threaten to kill them unless McCall surrenders. Having already killed a number of Teddy's henchmen, McCall creates a chemical explosion that kills the last of Teddy's men, and kills Teddy himself with a nail gun.



  • Although Teddy is Pushkin's minion, he drives the plot of the film and does most of the work, and he also had bigger plans than anyone else. He shares this similarity with Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg from The Fifth Element and Maxim Horvath from Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
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