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~ Nicole's constant phrase, mainly towards Isaac.

In Dead Space 2, a phantom of the late Nicole Brennan produced by the Site 12 Marker haunts Isaac throughout Dead Space 2 and is arguably the posthumous main antagonist of that game. A hallucination of Nicole did appear in Dead Space, but was merely of Clarke's growing dementia.

She is voiced and modeled by Tanya Clarke in Dead Space 2, as the real Nicole was originally voiced and modeled by Iyari Limon in Dead Space 1.


Isaac, it's me. I wish I could talk to you. I'm sorry...I'm sorry about everything. I wish I could just talk to's all falling apart here; I can't believe what's happening. It's strange...such a little thing. In the end, it all comes down to just one little thing... I didn't want it to end like this. I really wanted to see you again...just once. I loved you. I've always loved you.
~ Nicole's final message to Isaac.

The thought form is from the Site 12 Marker on the Sprawl, a residence on the last shard of Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. Before this however, Nicole was Isaac Clarke's girlfriend before he encouraged her to join the USG Ishimura. There, a Necromorph Outbreak started, and not wanting to be killed by one of the creatures, Nicole committed suicide in the Medical Deck while sending a farewell message to Isaac.

Isaac would go on a repair mission to find Nicole, but only find death and misery on the ship. Eventually, Isaac saw the message once again - this time till the end, provided by Kendra Daniels, who was a EarthGov spy, and saw Nicole commit suicide. Before he learned of this however, Isaac began to saw hallucinations of Nicole, being affected by the Marker, and she would aid him to escape from the ship. After Isaac destroyed the Hive Mind and Marker, he was attacked by a hallucination of Nicole (it's unknown if the Site 12 Marker Nicole is the same one). In addition, Nicole's body was never found in the Medical Deck room, indicting that she transformed into a Necromorph, and was possibly killed by Isaac.

Afterward, Isaac was found and taken to the Sprawl, being a test subject to create the Site 12 Marker by Hans Tiedemann. Clarke and Nolan Stross eventually created the marker, and Nicole's thought form would become more present.

Events of Dead Space 2

Nicole first appears during Isaac's session with Foster Edgars, who provides information on the marker, causing Nicole to climb onto the desk and state "make us whole". Her eyes and mouth glow, leading to a blinding light as Isaac is awakened by Franco inside Titan Station Medical Center. Her voice is slightly heard when Isaac enters the showers and suffers dementia, as she calls his voice and a shadow of Necromorph appears behind him. She later appears in the elevator, as the twinkle little star song can be heard. As the game progresses, "Nicole" becomes more violent and disturbing, making attempts to hurt and even "kill" Isaac. In addition, she appears on monitors and advertisements to torment Isaac, even making Isaac do suicidal things such as attempting to stab a needle into his eye (but to him it was Nicole attempting to stab him with it).

Later, deep in Titan Mines "Nicole" threatens to kill Isaac unless he explains why he can't "let her go". When he does explain that if he had let her go he would have nothing left, "Nicole" loses her haunting visage and appears as she did when she was alive. Stating step four, acceptance, she tells him to finish his mission. Inside the Government Sector and from then on until closer to the end, "Nicole" continues to appear before Isaac, giving him encouragement and advice on how to destroy the Marker and points him a way where to go. After Isaac goes through the machine, she tells him to get to the marker. Before he makes it to the marker, she tells Isaac to stop fighting, and to let her go, hinting that she hasn't entirely reformed.

Isaac fighting Nicole in his mind.

Things take a turn for the worst after Isaac finally reaches the Marker and dispatches Tiedmann. After "Nicole" embraces Isaac in front of the Marker, she then attempts to kill him again, this time in Isaac's own mind. She reveals that the makers of the Marker must be absorbed for the Convergence to be complete. Betrayed and infuriated, Isaac fights and defeats "Nicole" and in turn, destroys the Marker. Isaac survived the event, being rescued by Ellie before the station was destroyed.


Who am I, Isaac?
~ Nicole to Isaac when he states she's not the real Nicole.

Unlike the real Nicole, this phantom was aggressive, violent, and chaotic due to being a dark figment of Isaac's dementia. All her appearances are usually distorted, with her yelling words to Isaac as torment and to drive him insane and evoke guilt for her death. When Isaac accepted Nicole's death, she appeared to have returned to the real Nicole, being kind and encouraging. That being said, it was just a ruse to get Clarke to the Marker, thus showing her true nature when she went into his mind.

Nicole constantly mocks Isaac, stating that he tried to kill himself, and reminding him that he cannot ignore "the pain" forever. She also hints about the real Nicole, as she knows of that she and Isaac were together for two years. This could be explained that since she is thought form from Isaac's mind, he is thinking of this, or she knows what Nicole was thinking before her death. During the early chapters of Dead Space 2, she talks about her fear of not wanting to die, but eventually becomes antagonist towards him when he starts to ignore his guilt.

~ Nicole's first words to Isaac during his questioning.
~ Nicole to Isaac after passing through the shower room.
Nicole: "I'm afraid, Isaac. I don't want to die. But it's the only way out."
Isaac: "You're not Nicole. Nicole's dead. You're not really here."
~ Nicole and Isaac in the child's room.
Make us whole!
~ Nicole in the elevator.
I'm so cold, Isaac. It hurts. Where are you going? You can't run from the pain forever. Soon you'll beg for a way to end it all.
~ Nicole on the screen in the Church of Unitology.
What's happening to you, Isaac? You tried to kill yourself. Why do you think that is? That's right. Ignore the pain. Bury it deep inside. Let me fester. Let me rot.
~ Nicole tormenting Isaac.
Nicole: "Still in denial? Afraid you are going to cut your wrists if you listen to me?"
Isaac: "I'm not listening to this. You may fool Stross, but I knew that you're not real."
Nicole: "Oh, you claim I'm not real, and yet here I am."
Isaac: "You're just a hallucination! Stross knows how to destroy you! He knows how to destroy the Marker. We
will destroy you!"
Nicole: "How convenient. Destroy the Marker and all the hurt and pain go away. Imagine it, Isaac: You'll never have to listen to your heart."
~ Nicole in the playroom.
How do you do it? How do you hold it all inside, your face never betraying your pain? No one would ever know the guilt you feel. Never know the dark thoughts you keep.
~ Nicole.
The cracks are showing, Isaac, and the memories are seeping in. And when they do... I'll be waiting for you.
~ Nicole in the records room.
We only had two years Isaac. Two years, but they were the best years of my life. I was happy. I had everything I wanted. Until you made me doubt myself.
~ Nicole tormenting Isaac.
Why would I choose the Ishimura over you? You said I'd regret passing up the chance. That the choice would haunt me forever. It was as if you wanted me to leave.
~ Nicole tormenting Isaac on is past with the real Nicole.
And when you received my final transmission, you couldn't bear to watch the end, could you? You knew what had happened, yet you went looking for me anyway. You knew deep down all you would find was death.
~ Nicole.
Nicole: "Why did you come looking for me if you knew I was dead, Isaac? Did you think I would forgive you?"
Isaac: "Get out of my head! You're not Nicole!"
Nicole: "Then... WHO AM I, ISAAC!?"
~ Nicole to Isaac before he responds that she is not the real Nicole.
You can pretend not to be bothered, but being here rattles you, doesn't it Isaac? All this plastic and tape covering the scars, trying to hide the blood and the bodies so no one will ever know. But you remember what happened, no matter how deeply you try to bury it.
~ Nicole to Isaac after he enters USG Ishimura in Chapter 10.
The Ishimura Medical Deck, Isaac. These were my last hours. Frightened, cold... alone. Well, go on Isaac. Don't be shy.
~ Nicole tormenting Isaac in the Medical Deck.
You never found my body. Never said goodbye. Was I just stacked in the morgue with the others? Another random casualty? Or did they turn me into one of them? Wearing my bloodied face, stalking the halls looking for more victims...
~ Nicole to Isaac on the past events of the first game.
Nicole: "The barrier between us is wearing thin, Isaac. Behind every tarp, a memory. Behind every door of the passage of time from when I left... to when I died."
Isaac: "You're not gonna break me."
Nicole: "Why do you keep insisting these unpleasant memories are somehow my fault? This isn't not about the Marker, Isaac. This is about you."
~ Nicole torments Isaac, who states that she wont break him.
Nicole: "Where are you going, Isaac? Do you still think I'm something you can avoid?"
Isaac: "I don't know! I don't know what you are, okay!?"
~ Nicole in the escape pod.
~ Nicole after the escape pod crash.
Nicole: "It was a shame that happened to Stross. That's what happens when you fight it."
Isaac: "Shut up! Just shut up! The Marker. It was you. You made him do it! You made me kill him, did not you?"
Nicole: "How is it you still haven't come to terms with who I am? Who am I, Isaac? I will only ask you one more time before the end. Be ready."
~ Nicole to Isaac after he had to kill Stross.
Moment of truth, Isaac! Who am I!? Am I your friend? Your lover? The one shred; one light; one bright, shining star you clung to in this universe? Or am I your guilt, crushing the life out of you because you can't get over the fact that I'm dead? That you feel responsible? WHO AM I?!? WHY DO YOU KEEP FIGHTING ME? WHY CAN'T YOU LET GO?
~ Nicole chocking Isaac.
Isaac: "You're nothing! You can't hurt me. You're not real. You can't hurt me!"
Nicole: "WRONG!"
~ Nicole if Clarke doesn't accept his guilt, killing him.
Isaac: "Because you're my everything. And if I let you go... I got nothing left."
Nicole: "Step four: acceptance. Now you are ready to finish this."
~ Nicole returning to a normal state when Isaac accepts his guilt.
Nicole: "Are you ready to talk now?"
Isaac: "Why? So I can let you go too? I can't do that Nicole. I never wanted to let you go."
Nicole: "A lot happened that we never wanted. Isaac... touch me."
Isaac: "I... don't think that's a good idea."
Nicole: "Isaac, please, make us whole."
Isaac: "I can't.
~ Nicole and Isaac talk after he makes Ellie leave on the gunship.
Nicole: "Isaac, where are you going?"
Isaac: "I don't know."
Nicole: "That's why I'm here, Isaac. To show you the way."
~ Nicole manipulating Isaac on going to the Marker.
Isaac: "What is that? I can feel it in my head."
Nicole: "We are getting closer, Isaac. The Marker knows you are here."
Isaac: "I still don't know what to do."
Nicole: "When the time comes, you will."
~ Isaac and Nicole as he gets close the Marker.
Isaac: "Oh my God. I built that? What... what are they doing?"
Nicole: "They're all coming to the Marker. Convergence is at hand."
~ Isaac and Nicole before the Convergence.
Isaac: "What the hell is it doing?"
Nicole: "What it was made to do. Isaac, you have to make us whole."
~ Isaac and Nicole when the Convergence starts.
Isaac: "The Machine, just like Stross said. I remember this. The machine activates the parts of our brain where the Marker codes are stored. But how does that threaten the Marker? What were they afraid of?"
Nicole: "Me... Us... Working together."
Isaac: "Step Four."
Nicole: "Yes. Are you ready?"
Isaac: "This is gonna hurt, isn't it?"
Nicole: "Yes. Step inside."
~ Isaac and Nicole at the machine.
Step One: Crawl inside. Step Two: The screws go tight... all around. Cross my heart and hope to die... Stick a needle in your eye.
~ Nicole while Isaac is inside the machine.
Isaac: "Nicole... where are you?"
Nicole: "Follow the light, Isaac. I'll be waiting for you at the Marker."
Isaac: "But what do I do?... Dammit!"
~ Isaac and Nicole after the machine is used.
Nicole: "You're fighting it, Isaac. You can't fight it. You have to let me go."
Isaac: "But I'll never see you again!"
Nicole: "Isaac, stop it. There is no other way. You have to do this."
~ Nicole manipulating Isaac to go the Marker.
This is it, Isaac. Convergence is almost here. Meet me at the Marker.
~ Nicole to Isaac before her betrayal.
Nicole: "Thank you Isaac. Now... time to die!"
Isaac: "What!?"
~ Nicole revealing her true nature to Isaac.
Isaac: "The makers? You mean me? But Stross said we could destroy the Marker!"
~ Nicole and Isaac inside his mind.
~ Nicole during the boss fight.
~ Nicole during the boss fight.
~ Nicole attempts to manipulate Isaac during the boss fight.
~ Nicole during the boss fight.



  • The fact that Nicole is dead has been already hinted by the first Dead Space's chapter titles. If you take each of the 12 chapters' first letters, you will get "NICOLE IS DEAD".
  • According to Visceral games, Nicole's appearance is a look into Isaac's psyche in Dead Space 2.
  • There is a possibility that this thought form is the one at the end of the first game.
  • She is arguably the main antagonist of Dead Space 2, since she is the representation of the Marker for Isaac.


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