Nicolette Drangueforde is a minor villainess from SaGa Frontier 2, playing a large role in the second half of Gustave XII's story. She is one of the many daughters of Cantal.

After her father's death, his kingdom is split over too many heirs that it loses all the influence it once had. Kelvin, Count of Jade, gathers the lords at Hahn Nova and establishes supremacy. It is then that Nicolette decides to incite the lords against Jade. She convinces Duke Edmund of Laubholz to gather his army and advance into the Lordless Land, as well as convincing King Sho of Na to take away the privileges he had given to Jade, since Jade was a vassal of Na. Nicolette's manipulations directly culminates into the Battle of Salisbury, where Kelvin is forced to fight against Edmund of Laubholz. Though he wins the battle, the pact he had made with the other lords starts crumbling, leading into a new era of warfare, which culminates with the insurgence of Fake Gustave.

Nicolette's entire motivation was over a grudge against Prince Charles, son of Kelvin, who treated her in a rather rude manner the only time they ever met.


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