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Wicked mortals! I shall melt your flesh, and turn your bones to ash!
~ Nidhogg

Nidhogg is the secondary antagonist of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, and the main antagonist of the Dragonsong War storyline. He is the leader the Dravanian Horde and one of the Seven Great Wyrms born from Midgardsomor, who was driven to madness by vengeance and betrayal over the assassination of his beloved Ratatoskr. And thus wants nothing more but the complete and utter destruction of Ishard and it's people no matter the cost.

He was voiced by Simon Greenall.


Niddhog is portrayed as a large black dragon with a long and slender body, large leathery wings, a row spinal plates that point forward, forward facing horns on his face, and a maw of sharp jagged teeth. Initially he has only one yellow eye, but it's soon revealed that the yellow eye actually belonged to his brother Hraesvelgr. His true eyes are red with a dark aura, which he regains after possessing Estinien. furthermore, As Estinien he posses crimson dragoon armor with his two eyes molded into Estinien's flesh, but he can return to dragon form if he so wishes. And when fully enraged his skin glows fiery yellow.


Even before the Dragonsong War, Niddhog was still extremely distrustful of humans, due to the Allagan Empire's cruel atrocities towards his kind, especially with the death of his fellow brood sibling Bahamut. However, he was able to tolerate humanity's presence thanks to his brother Hraesvelgr and his love for the human Saint Shiva. However when humanity betrayed his trust by murdering Ratatoskr, whom he deeply loved and cherished, Niddhog went mad with grief and vengeance. His hatred toward humanity was so great that he is unwilling to listen to reason, even from his fellow brood siblings. He is even willing to kill members of his own race if they wish end the war thru peace, which he refers to as "traitors". His unending rage let's him to believe that his vengeance is eternal, and he view's any form of challenge with sheer utter contempt to the point of being unwilling to accept any form of loss and defeat.



Nidhogg was one of seven Great Wyrms referred to as the First Brood born from Midgardsomor after he arrived to Hydaelyn millenia ago. these ancient dragons then spread across the planet colonizing whatever land they found preferable and using that land to propagate their kind even further. But these great wyrms soon came into conflict with the Allagan Empire, thousands of years later. In the conflict, one of the great wyrms Bahamut was killed in battle and revived as a mindless Primal, while another great wyrm Tiamat was captured and imprisoned by Allagans in their flying fortress Azys Lla. Many more dragons where captured, tortured, and experimented on, which kickstarted Nidhogg's hatred and mistrust towards humans, which lasted forever even after the Allagan Empire fell.

The Dragonsong War

Centuries later, a race of humans known as the Elezen, migrated to Dravania in search of a new home. The dragons saw this migration as an act of trespassing and so a war was waged between the two races. That is until a woman named saint Shiva fell in love with the Great Wyrm Hraesvelgr, their love encouraged both sides to cease their fighting, and thus man and dragon coexisted in harmony with the elezen forming the kingdom of Ishgard. Thousands of years later, the Ishgardian nobles where told of the great unimaginable powers that dragons possesses thru their eyes by the Acsians. Tempted by this power, King Thordan I and his Twelve Knights lured the Great Wyrm Ratatoskr into a trap, where they proceeded to brutally murder her and gouge out her eyes, gaining increadible power upon eating the eyes. Nidhogg, shocked and infuriated by mankind's betrayal declared an all out war against Ishgard. During the initial battle, Nidhogg slew King Thordan and four of his Knights, but the king's son Haldrath was able to avenge his father's death by gouging Niddhog's eyes out. Blinded and severely weakened, Niddhog retreated to the Palace of Zenith where Hraesvelgr resided. He pleaded for his brother surrender one of his eyes to him. Hraesvelgr was initially hesitant but after some further negotiation, Hraesvelgr eventually agreed and gave Niddhog his right eye, allowing the Black Wyrm to regain a portion of his strength. And so began the Dragonsong War, with King Thordan's remaining knights forming the Holy See of Ishgard, which fabricated the myth that Nidhogg and his dragons simply attacked without warning and that King Thordan was the true hero.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Hundreds of years later, the war reaches a stalemate with Nidhogg going into slumber to recover his strength. Thru this stalemate the Warrior of Light was able to help the Ishgardian forces into stopping a heretic incursion in Coerthas. But Nidhogg soon began to stir once more, and so he sends his greatest champion, the massive dragon Vishap into leading an all-out assault on Ishgardian soil. Luckly the Warrior of Light and some adventures were able to stop the assault, but they knew that Nidhogg was far from done. After the incident in Ul'dah, the Warrior of Light and their remaining allies where called into Ishgard to stop the Dravanian forces once more, as Niddhog was planning for another assault. The Warrior of Light's allies suggested negotiating with the dragons of Dravania into forming a truce. However upon reaching the Palace of Zenith, Hraesvelger reveals the truth of the Dragonsong War and that Niddhog was too emotionally broken to be reasoned with. With no other option the Warrior of Light's allies conclude that the only way to end the Dragonsong War is to kill Nidhogg. The team then storms Nidhogg's headquarters The Aery, there they fought Niddhog. After a long grueling battle Estinian Wyrmblood was able slay the Black Wyrm by gouging out his remaining eye. With Nidhogg dead, there was still one thing that needed to be done, the real history of the Dragonsong War had to be revealed to the public in order to end the cycle of violence and revenge that has plagued the two nations, but Archbishop Thordan VII had other plans. Now that Nidhogg is no more, Thordan plans on using his eyes along with the powers of the Warring Triad to become a Primal, and thus wipe out the Dravanians and usher forth an era of everlasting piece with him as it's god. After Thordan was defeated by the Warrior of Light, Estinian now stands triumphant with both of Nidhogg's eyes in hand. He plans on sealing the eyes away in a secret location so that it's powers may never be used again. But the power of the eyes proves to much for him, as Nidhogg's hatred fueled spirit takes control of Estinian's body and mind, transforming him into the Black Wyrm himself. Niddhog then retreats back into Dravania vowing to rally up his forces once more for another invasion.



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