Nigel Bakerbutcher is the main antagonist of the Season 21 episode "To Surveil with Love" of The Simpsons.

He was voiced by Eddie Izzard, who also played Sir Miles Axlerod in Disney/Pixar's Cars 2, and Dr. Schadenfreude in Igor.


He is from London in the United Kingdom and he is supposedly a friendly businessman who promises to fight crime and stop terrorism. In reality, however, he is a rich con man with his own goals. After the police detonate some radioactive carbon found in Homer Simpson's gym bag, the authorities of Springfield get worried about terrorism, and they decide to hire the authority on the subject, Bakerbutcher, who promises to reduce crime and install cameras everywhere in the town to control crime.

Nigel promises to be a good police figure, but when he hires Ned Flanders as the security chief, Flanders discovers that not only does the cameras have a voice projector he can also tell people what to do. For instance, he stops Jimbo and his girlfriend from kissing "in public" and Flanders stops several minor pranks round town.

The Simpsons discover that their garden has a blind spot from the cameras, and they soon get a business going where citizens can do what they want without fear of trouble. Ned gets confused when he sees no one is in town, and finally finds the blind spot. He runs in and is about to berate Homer, but then the town points out Ned went against Christianity by acting like God. Ned realizes his mistake and smashes the cameras with Homer.

This displeases Nigel Butcherbaker, who is revealed to be spying on the town from his office, having made a reality TV show for the Queen back home, who he tells that the show is now cancelled. The Queen says she misses Ralph because he's like Prince Charles.


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