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Night Howl is an antagonist on the 2013 TV series Max Steel, featured in Turbo Charged and Turbo Warriors. He is a mechanically enhanced predator who serves as La Fiera's counterpart on Team Terror, formed by Terrorax, himself, Snare and Monstro.

He was voiced by Giles Panton.


Turbo Charged

Alongside with Snare and Monstro, Night Howl was shown in stasis and introduced to Lord Nexus by Terrorax. They are charged with Terror energy and are sent to fight against Max and his team, who were searching for Terrorax's energy emitters. Night Howl faces Max Steel using his wolf form, but he is eventually defeated and buried underneath rocks. After the hero left, the creature gets up and go back to Terrorax's hideout.

There, Team Terror fights against Team Turbo. Night Howl uses his claws and extraordinary aglity to face La Fiera on his Turbo Raptor Mode. He is eventually tossed on the wall and ends up unconscious with the collision. After the other members are defeated and Terrorax is taken down, Night Howl is rescued by Max and his team and are imprisoned on their base.

Turbo Warriors

Some time later, Terrorax manages to invade Max and his team's base and rescues Night Howl, Snare and Monstro so they could help him in getting back his Terror energy generator. After doing so, they leave the base and Terrorax blows up various bombs that he had scattered throughout the base while searching for his henchmen. They go to the Pantheon, where Team Terror and the Elementors are charged with Terror Energy and become much stronger.

Later on, Team Terror is sent to fight against Team Turbo. Night Howl activates his wolf form to fight against La Fiera and he eventually bites the hero, causing him to turn into a bionic panther. The team capture Tempestra and Cytro and leave the place and head back to the Pantheon.

Hours later, Max successfully invades the Pantheon and individually takes down each member of Team Terror. Night Howl is caught by Max, who obtains a portion of his Terror energy to cure La Fiera from his mutation. After learning what Night Howl had done to him, Alex tosses the creature's body at an electricity field, thus causing his demise.

Powers and Abilities

Night Howl, being technologically enhanced, has superhuman conditions, being stronger, faster and more durable than an average individual. He can shapeshift himself into a large, ferocious technological wolf form. After being charged a second time with Terror energy, he gets much stronger and gets an infectious bite, which can turn people into mutants like him.




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