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Night Ninja is a recurring antagonist (but sometimes anti-hero) in the television series PJ Masks. He is the leader and the authority figure of the Ninjalinos, and Ninjaka's vigilante counterpart from another universe set in a vigilante setting. He is also Catboy’s Archnemesis

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Night Ninja dosen't gets involved in a battle as he summons his henchmen, the Ninjalinos, to do his dirty work for him. He is the leader of the Ninjalinos who he treats like soldiers. However, the episode "Owlette and the Owletteenies" reveals that even he has a softer side for his Ninjalinos. Owlette even mentions it, which embarrasses him. He is incredibly arrogant and haughty.

Another time Night Ninja showed that he has a softer side for the Ninjalinos was in "Wolfy Mountain," when one of his Ninjalinos named Marvin was injured. After the PJ Masks helped him rescue Marvin, he agreed to share Mystery Mountain with the heroes and not keep it to himself. He even bowed and thanked the PJ Masks for their help, which shows that he can be respectful and sometimes even kind.

Night Ninja has been shown to have a slight fear of caves, as seen in "The Splat Monster," though he tries to hide it, as seen when he jumps at an echo in the cave on Mystery Mountain, but passes it off by saying that he was just "testing his Ninjalinos' reflexes." Then he insists that Teeny Weeny should go in first, and as Night Ninja walks in, he looks to be very nervous.

Night Ninja has also been shown to be very intelligent and cunning, as seen in the episode "Clash on Mystery Mountain." Night Ninja dupes Armadylan into getting An Yu's staff so he could take it from him and use it to send An Yu back into the Dragon Gong forever. He also stole a scroll from the museum that could make him invincible so he could defeat the PJ Masks and Armadylan as well. His plan would have most likely succeeded if Teeny Weeny didn't betray him and teleport him off the mountain.

Motive & abilities

Night Ninja's main motive is to unlock the secrets of the pagoda so he can defeat An Yu and the PJ Masks and become the most powerful ninja ever.

Prior to Season 2, as well as in some of his appearances in seasons 2 & 3, Night Ninja's motive was originally about him trying to prove that he is the best at everything. He would often take assets such as a school bus and the PJ Masks' HQ to accomplish it.

Sticky Splat: Along with the Ninjalinos by his side, he uses colorful and gooey objects known as "Sticky Splat" to pin down the PJ Masks and hinder their moving abilities.

Martial Arts/Acrobatics: He is very agile and can perform spins, back flips and high jumps at ease. On occasion, he will use a move called the "mega triple punch," which was demonstrated in "Gekko and the Rock of All Power."

Smoke Bombs: First introduced in "Who's Got the Owl Power?", the "Smoke Bombs" are used by Night Ninja so he can disappear and reappear wherever he wants. He runs off in the smoke and he doesn't really teleport.

Ninja Fingers: As revealed in "PJ Power Up," he and his Ninjalinos have a power called "ninja fingers," which gives them the power to telepathically levitate any object of any size with only their fingers. Their fingers glow with yellow sparkles when they use this power.

Teleportation: He is able to teleport small objects such as sticky splat and scrolls that he's stolen.

Physical Appearances

Night Ninja wears a fully-covered navy blue ninja costume with nighttime-like stars on it, and cyan accents each on his face and feet. He has blue eyes.

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