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We are the hunters. We kill the weak, so the strong survive. You can't stop the new world. Your filthy society will never get rid of people like us. It's breeding them! We are the future!
~ The Night Slasher

The Night Slasher is the main antagonist in the 1986 action film Cobra.

He was portrayed by Brian Thompson.

In the film

The Night Slasher is a sadistic serial killer and the leader of a wide group of Neo Fascists, who believe that only the strongest of people should be allowed to live and take control of the world. To this end, the Night Slasher and his followers go out and kill innocent members of the public who they deem as weak and inferior, using various sharp instruments such as knives and axes and occasionally firearms such as shotguns or revolvers. The Night Slasher is known for crawling through people's windows at night, cutting telephone wires and killing his victims during their sleep, and he is responsible for at least sixteen murders.

One night, after the Night Slasher has killed another victim, a model named Ingrid Knudsen notices him but manages to drive away before he can catch her. Knowing that she is a witness and that she has also seen his identity, the Night Slasher becomes determined to kill her, leading to Ingrid being placed under the protective care of a police officer named Marion "Cobra" Cobretti. After the Night Slasher makes several unsuccessful attempts on Ingrid's life, Cobretti vows to find him and bring him down. The Night Slasher and the Neo Fascists later tracks Ingrid to a motel where she and Cobretti are staying, but Cobretti anticipates this move and kills many of the Neo Fascists in a fierce gunfight. Cobretti then escapes with Ingrid to an industrial complex where he kills the few remaining Neo Fascists before confronting the Night Slasher himself. The killer taunts Cobretti, telling him that he cannot murder him and that if he locks him up, he will simply be deemed insane. Cobretti responds by impaling the Night Slasher on a large hook before sending him into a blast furnace, incinerating him.


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