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No. Kyle Richmond's just a disguise. Even S.H.I.E.L.D. can be hacked. I am, and always have been, Nighthawk.
~ Nighthawk revealing himself to Falcon.
I'm always one step ahead.
~ Nighthawk to Nick Fury before Hyperion breaks out Nighthawk out of his prison cell.

Nighthawk is the main antagonist of season 2 after Ultron and Thanos from the Marvel Comics television series Avengers Assemble and is the leader of Hyperion's team of superheroes the Squadron Supreme.



Nighthawk was an alien superhero from a distant world, where he was a member of a team of heroes similar to the Avengers called the Squadron Supreme. The people of their world feared their power and turned against them. As a final solution, Hyperion destroys his home planet along with his team on it, escaping into space on his Citadel.


Nighthawk debuts under the guise of Kyle Richmond, director of the interstellar operations of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nighthawk secretly gets into the S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to obtain the contingency plans of the Avengers to take them down. When Nighthawk deals with all of the Avengers except for Falcon, whom he takes hostage and tells him about Hyperion's citadel and its full capabilities along with other information. such as Hyperion's team of corrupt superheroes. the "Squadron Supreme" surviving theand that when Hyperion reawakened the citadel and it sent out a signal to the other Squadron Supreme heading towards earth. While in the citadel Nighthawk activates an incoming laser from the citadel heading towards New York City while broadcasting a message to surrender the earth to him and the Squadron Supreme and reveals to Falcon by unmasking himself that Kyle Richmond was just an alias to deceive both S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers but while Nighthawk with him unnoticed, Falcon frees himself and battles Nighthawk.While Falcon managed to temporarily defeat Nighthawk but in an attempt to stop the laser from reaching New York City, Nighthawk gets up and tells him that there is no way and defeats Falcon with ease and nearly kills him in the process but right in the nick of the time the Avengers show up after getting out of their traps. While Hulk and Thor work to shut down the citadel, the others fought Nighthawk where they managed to defeat him and remand him to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. Outside of Nighthawk's cell, Nick Fury mocks the idea of Nighthawk being one step ahead where Nighthawk states that he's always one step ahead. This is proven right when Hyperion arrives and frees Nighthawk in front of Nick Fury. Nighthawk and Hyperion then leave to get their group together.

The Dark Avengers

Nighthawk later returns along with his newly reformed team where in an alternate reality the Squadron Supreme are branded heroes thanks to the reality gem that Dr. Spectrum currently possses, due to a spike in energy, Iron Man sees the real reality and manages to convince his team to come together. However Spectrum has created a machine that will give him complete control over reality, and plans to alter history so the Avengers were never born. Captain is able to get a hold of the stone and revert reality back to normal. The Squadron leaves with Nighthawk activating charges placed at the base of Avengers tower. The Avengers manage to prevent the structure from falling onto New York in time for J.A.R.V.I.S. to activate the repair systems.

Terminal Velocity

Nighthawk later sends Speed Demon to recover a copy of the Avengers data core.


Nighthawk along with the new Dr. Spectrum

It is later shown in a recording that Nighthawk was the one who orchestrated the destructuction of the Squadron Supreme's planet using Dr. Spectrum's power prism and forced Dr. Spectrum (Bill) to join their side. Nighthawk later appears at the mid-end of the episode talking to the Power Prism about finding a new host since he abandoned Dr. Spectrum (Bill), Nighthawk later tells the Power Prism that he no longer needs a host, and then transforms into an energy being that looks exactly like the original Dr. Spectrum.

Midgard Crisis

Nighthawk later appears at the end of the episode "Midgard Crisis" in which he meets her team mate Zarda at his secret lair located in the woods and Zarda tells him she was wrong about swaying a member of the Avengers to their side, Thor in particular.


Kyle Richmond, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new director of interstellar operations.
~ Nighthawk introducing himself as Agent Kyle Richmond.
Three down, four to go.
~ Nighthawk about to take out the remaining Avengers.
I´m Nighthawk.
~ Nighthawk's introduction to The Avengers
My goal is the same as yours, to rid the world of evil. We simply differ on our definition of evil.
~ Nighthawk explaining his demented goals
To quote your report, "Captain America's instinctive reflexes could be exploited against him.
~ Nighthawk quoting Falcon's report
Defeat me, or save the city. You can't do both.
~ Nighthawk to The Avengers about saving the city or defeating him
Not good. Stark saw everything.
~ Nighthawk realizing that an alternate version of Iron Man saw their ruse.
That's your last time out in the field. You can't concentrate it.
~ Nighthawk berating Dr. Spectrum.
You promised me a world where the Avengers don't exist.
~ Nighthawk fuming over Dr, Spectrum's failure to wipe the Avengers off of reality.
All in one place. Efficient.
~ Nighthawk placing the bomb that would kill the alternate Iron Man.
We regroup: plan B.
~ Nighthawk unleashing a backup plan to take out the Avengers Tower.
Hmm. All according to plan.
~ Nighthawk after having the Avengers' data core delivered by Speed Demon.
The word you're searching for is wrong.
~ Nighthawk berating Zarda for failing to charm Thor to his side.
You now see why my plan is the only way?
~ Nighthawk reminding Zarda why they are on Earth.
Squadron strike!
~ Nighthawk ordering his team to fight.
The time of the Avengers has ended. Crime continues to run rampant because your leadership is too tolerant. Give up this planet to us. People will be safer under the Squadron Supreme's rule.
~ Nighthawk provoking the Avengers to attack him and his team, which succeeds.
Fighting to the end. Exactly as I expected.
~ Nighthawk moments before teleporting the Avengers and the Squadron to remote locations.
Your combat skills have improved.
~ Nighthawk impressed with Falcon's fighting skills.
I always knew you had promise. But it doesn't matter. You'll never outsmart me.
~ Nighthawk gloating to Falcon before activating the device to seemingly divert the city into another dimension.
Time to finish this.
~ Nighthawk activating his Citadel.
People of Earth, the Squadron Supreme have defeated the Avengers. Now we are your new masters. As you can see, Thor is the only one left. A symbol of their failure. Your world will now make great leaps forward in progress. Crime will not be tolerated. War will not be tolerated. All will obey or be destroyed.
~ Nighthawk and his team claiming tyranny over the Earth after seemingly defeating the Avengers.
Words are all you have left to fight with, Asgardian. But we have a weapon that the Avengers were always too weak to use: Fear. It'll keep people in line. It always does.
~ Nighthawk taunting an imprisoned Thor about his claim of using intimidation and tyranny over Earth.
Then it's too bad there are no heroes left.
~ Nighthawk after Thor lectures to him about being a true hero.
A mechanical glitch makes you disloyal?
~ Nighthawk berating Hyperion for pointing out his flaws on his plan.
Let's not forget who orchestrated the destruction of the Avengers, Zarda. You all faced them and failed.
~ Nighthawk aggravating his team for failing to kill the Avengers when they faced them.
If we show our subjects the consequences of resistance, we won't need robots to keep them in line. I located a S.H.I.E.L.D. base where the world diplomats are in hiding. Go show them our brand of diplomacy.
~ Nighthawk sending Hyperion and Zarda over to kill some of the world's diplomats who are in hiding.
Attention, representatives of the world. There is no need for world diplomats, now that the Squadron is here.
~ Nighthawk intimidating the hiding world diplomats via hologram.
I wouldn't congratulate yourself, Hyperion. According to my scans, there was no one in that building when you blew it up.
~ Nighthawk calmly pointing out Hyperion's failure after being gloated at by him.
Grr, enough! The Avengers are gone, so we can finally go our separate ways. We divide the spoils of this planet.
~ Nighthawk, annoyed of his team's bickering, deciding to split them apart to different parts of the world.
The decisions have been made.
~ Nighthawk breaking up their arguments.
Finally, no more bickering and outsized egos. Let's see how well they control their territories without my robotic police force. (Notices many of his robots are being shut down one by one) What? The Avengers?! No, I saw them die. Who is fighting in their name? I'll find them and destroy them.
~ Nighthawk planning to spy on his team before realizing that the Avengers are actually alive.
This is a trick. Tony Stark is no more.
~ Nighthawk angered over seeing Tony Stark without his armor.
Trick or not, you won't leave here alive.
~ Nighthawk attempting to kill Stark when he gave him a chance to give up.
No more miracle escapes, for you Stark.
~ Nighthawk about to kill Stark before Thor breaks free and knocks him out.
STARK! Squadron, the Avengers are alive. I need you at the tower immediate--
~ Nighthawk attempting to warn the Squadron of the Avengers' survival before Stark cuts off his communication.
~ Nighthawk after hearing of Iron Man and Falcon's holograms.
So true, because I've just enough power for my final contingency.
~ Nighthawk revealing that he has a back up plan before teleporting Hyperion and Nuke over to the tower.
Then you've discovered your true purpose, Nuke. (turns to Hyperion) Do it.
~ Nighthawk ordering Hyperion to absorb Nuke's powers.
Always good to have a nuclear backup power source.
~ Nighthawk revealing that he is going to use Hyperion as a planet destroyer.
The Earth has proven itself unworthy of our rule. Judgement has been passed.
~ Nighthawk moments before destroying the holograms and leaving for his ship.
Even I didn't predict you'd be foolish enough to follow me, Stark.
~ Nighthawk fighting Iron Man on his escape ship.
My teammates are nothing more than tools, and if a tool is no longer useful, get rid of it!
~ Nighthawk on what he truly thinks of his Squadron Supreme.
I don't need others to be strong!
~ Nighthawk showing his ego.
Exposed arc reactor. Another difference between us: my uniform doesn't have such flaws.
~ Nighthawk comparing himself to Iron Man.
You're weakened, your armor half-destroyed. You should've realized this battle was over the moment you came aboard my ship.
~ Nighthawk gloating at Iron Man.
No! Reversed the magnetic charge? The whole ship will be destroyed!
~ Nighthawk realizing that Iron Man destroyed his ship's controls, causing them to plummet back to Earth.
~ Nighthawk blaming Iron Man for causing their deaths, until being saved by Thor.
Hyperion, quickly, I need help!
~ Nighthawk ordering Hyperion to protect him.
Yes, your time is up, Avengers.
~ Nighthawk's final gloat before realizing that Hyperion has been defeated and his own subsequent defeat by both Iron Man and Falcon.



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