Nightmare is a demonic, living bio weapon and an antagonist and boss in Devil May Cry.


Nightmare was a bio weapon created by Mundus out of inorganic substances and it is unknown if it has a consciousness. Nightmare first attacked Dante in the castle cathedral on Mallet Island, but it was forced to retreat.

Later, when Dante performed the ritual to transform the Philosopher's Stone into the Elixir that he needed, Nightmare attacked him again, but he made it retreat again.

Later when Dante, entered the Underworld, he was lured into Nightmare's den by Trish. She pretended to be injured and the bio creature attacked him. Soon Trish began attacking him as well, but Dante succeeded in destroying Nightmare and coldly left her behind as he went to confront Mundus.

Powers and Abilities

Nightmare is powered by several cores in its body and can absorb Devil Trigger energy from Dante, which it uses to activate its own Devil Trigger when it gets enough. Nightmare has a number of offensive abilities and when one of its cores is destroyed, it changes its attack pattern. It usually stays in an invulnerable blob form, which includes the remains of its victims. In this form, Nightmare can swallow its enemies to teleport them to a dimension where evil spirits are manifested from its trauma. The only way it can form into its vulnerable solid form are with use of discs on the ground that are used as restraining tools to keep it from overriding. But in this form it becomes armored and attacks with more viciousness.


  • There are 2 supernatural firearms called "Nightmare-β" and "Nightmare-γ", both named after the demonic bio-weapon itself. Nightmare-β made its debut appearance in Devil May Cry and Nightmare-γ was first featured in Devil May Cry 2.


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