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Nightmare Chirithy is a minor villain in the mobile game Kingdom Hearts χ. It is a Nightmare Dream Eater created from Player's darkness. Although there is more than one Nightmare Chirithy, this one in particular antagonizes Player.


Normal form

The Nightmare Chrithy is a purple-furred cat-like creature with round, red eyes. It has a peach-colored muzzle, stomach, and feet, a purple nose and ears, and black, pointy stripes all over its body. On its neck, it carries a black pouch with a green mouth, which has a dark yellow Lux symbol on the front.

Monster form

In its monster form, Nightmare Chirithy grows much larger, and its fur becomes much darker. It gains large hands with pink claws, as well as longer legs, longer feet with pink, sharp nails, sharp teeth, and purple wings with pointy tips on its back. its ears now point upwards as opposed to being folded, and its fur has grown over its head in a way that makes it look like its wearing a hoodie. Finally, it has the Nightmare Dream Eater emblem on its chest, and several purple appendages in the shape of an "X" on its back.


Kingdom Hearts χ

In Quest 34: The Search for the Red Bandit, Player is given a Light-Drawing Bangle on behalf of Nightmare Chirithy by the Moogle that runs a shop in Daybreak Town, who asks them to test it out on a mission fighting Heartless. After Player completes the test, Nightmare Chirithy shows itself to them posing as their partner Chirithy and gives them the Power Bangle, whic, allows them to empower unknowningly empower their Keyblade with darkness.

In Quest 351: A Job Never Done Pt. 1, Player's Chirithy shows them a dream of the Foretellers meeting the Master of Masters in their chambr, but Nightmare Chirithy comes and stops the dream, waking Player up. After they fall back asleep, their Chirithy confronts its Nightmare counterpart for intefering with the dream, to which the Nightmare questions their Chirithy why it showed them the dream in the first place. To this, Chirithy answers that its goal is the exact opposite of its Nightmare counterpart's, and the two declare each other to be enemies before the Nightmare vanishes, after which Chirithy vows to protect Player from Nightmare Chirithy.

In Quest 362: To Waterfront Park Pt. 3, the player is sent on a mission to destroy an Invisible in Waterfront Park the day after they had the dream, and meet another Keyblade wielder named Ephemer after saving him from the Invisible. While Player and their new friend go to investigate the Foretellers' Chambers that the former saw in their dream, Chirithy asks the Nightmare if Ephemer is its wielder, and also notices that Nightmare Chirithy's fur has become darker. In response, Nightmare Chirithy mocks its Spirit counterpart and asks what it's going to do now that Player is getting close to the truth.

In Quest 540: To the Clock Tower Pt. 2, after Player and Skuld defeat a group of Darkling Heartless that attack them for their Lux and send them running away, Nightmare Chirithy appears and blocks their path before they can chase after the Heartless. The Nightmare, now having fully accepted the darkness, tells Player and Skuld that they should embrace its power as well, as their fellow wielders had before becoming the Darklings they just fought. Chirithy objects to its Nightmare counterpart's words, as they are not what Chirithies are supposed to teach, but the Nightmare retorts by saying that the truth of the world can only be learned by witnessing it first hand, not by being taught it. At this, Chirithy gets frustrated and asks its Nightmare counterpart about the whereabouts of its wielder, but it merely says that they are nearby and then disappears.

Later, while Player is conserving with their Chirithy about whether they should take part in the upcoming Keyblade War, who had been secretly listening in to the conversation, appears and scornfully calls Player a coward because they decided to not take part in the war, which means they'd be abandoning their friends. In response, Player angrily asks Nightmare Chirithy who it is, to which it reveals that they've been using the power of darkness via their Power Bangle. When Chirithy voices its disbelief at this, its Nightmare counterpart tells it that it, too, is just part of the Master of Master's will. Chirithy accuses the Nightmare of being a liar and insists that the Power Bangle takes Player's sins and turns them into light, not darkness. Nightmare Chirithy counters this claim by revealing that its wielder is Player themself, having been born from the darkness they collected with the Power Bangle, but being different from other Chirithy in that it has free will and declares that if Player doesn't take part in the Keyblade War, it will show them their dream itself, and summons Darklings to battle them. Chirithy questions its Nightmare counterpart's motives, to which it responds that as a Nightmare, its job is to give people nightmares in order to sever connections and live freely, which its Spirit counterpart fails to comprehend.

After the Darklings are defeated by Player, Nightmare Chirithy commends them for their strength and then absorbs the defeated Darklings into itself to change into a more monstrous form in order to challenge Player to a battle. However, Player manages to defeat Nightmare Chirithy after a difficult battle, who reverts back to its normal form and stars fading away from existence. Nightmare Chirithy says that its connection to Player has been severed, and its Spirit counterpart asks it if that means it will disappear, which it affirms, but also warns Player that they're going to meet it again in another dream, after which it disappears completely.


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