Yummy! I've always dreamed of gobbling up a baker! (Tom: Ahhh! What kind of nightmare is this?)
~ The Nightmare Doug to Tom Dupain as it planned to eat him (also its only spoken line).

The Nightmare Dough is a minor antagonist in the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir episode "Sandboy". It is a dough that is Tom Dupain (Marinette's father)'s nightmare that was brought to life by Sandboy, one of Hawk Moth's Akumatized villains.


Tom was seen in the kitchen rolling the dough and singing, while Marinette was sneaking out of the house to Master Fu's place and running away from the Nightmare Adrien. When sleeping sand from Sandboy (the Akumatized villain in the episode) falls around Tom, the dough comes to life and plans to eat Tom, which makes Tom fall on the floor in fear.

After that, the Nightmare Dough was not seen or mentioned again in the rest of the episode, but it's most likely that the dough attacked and tried to eat Tom offscreen. It also did not appear in the "Heroes' Day" special due to Sandboy/the unnamed boy not appearing in the episode, so it is left unknown what happened to the dough following the defeats of Sandboy, Nightmare Adrien, and Nightmare Ladybug. However, since all of the damage to the city was reverted back to normal because of the Miraculous Ladybug, and the unnamed boy/Sandboy was detransformed back to normal, it is likely that the Nightmare Dough had disappeared, along with the other nightmares, from the real world, and the dough was restored to normal, though the Nightmare Dough's existence is likely still intact in Tom's dreams. Also, since the dough's physical form was intact, it is also likely that it was baked into bread and eaten up afterwards.


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