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The Nightmare Forces are an army of creatures possessed by dark powers and the main antagonists of Issues 5-8 of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic IDW series.

They were originally created by Nightmare Moon to act as her personal army and are led by Shadowfright. After Nightmare Moon was defeated and became Princess Luna again, the Nightmare Forces sought out another pony to use as a host for their leader, eventually abducting Rarity and corrupting her into Nightmare Rarity.


After her banishment to the moon, Nightmare Moon used her dark magic to cause the moon creatures living there to be possessed, transforming them into her Nightmare Forces. She intended to use them to invade Equestria after she came back, but upon her return Nightmare Moon was defeated and Princess Luna was freed from the Nightmare's influence. Despite this, the Nightmare Forces survived and began searching for a pony to transform into the new Nightmare Moon.

Led by Shadowfright, the Nightmare Forces used their magic to torment the Mane Six with nightmares of their worst fears, eventually selecting Rarity from among them and taking her to the moon to crown her as their new ruler. Shadowfright attempted to tempt Rarity into becoming the next Nightmare Moon but she refused, leading him to forcibly corrupt her into Nightmare Rarity and make her the host for the new Nightmare Moon. The other Mane Six, along with Spike and Luna, traveled to the moon to rescue their friend, but after Luna returned to Equestria to warn everyone of the Nightmare Forces' coming invasion, the ponies were all captured by the Nightmare Forces and locked up. However, Spike was able to free everyone after stealing the keys to their cells from Jerome, and the Mane Five returned to Ponyville to assist in defending against the Nightmare Forces' invasion.

The Nightmare Forces were defeated for good when Princess Luna used her magic to destroy them, causing all of the moon creatures that were possessed to be freed from the Nightmare's influence.


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