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The Nightmares are evil monsters who invade the island of Koholint and are the central antagonists and bosses of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.


The Nightmares showed up at Koholint want to rule over and to accomplish this, they must stop the Wind Fish from being awakened by the Instruments of the Sirens. They decided to steal each of them and have them hidden in the dungeons, which are their lairs. The Nightmares created monsters to stop Link from awaking the Wind Fish. They are intelligent enough in human speech as they talk to Link or try to scare or warn him from retrieving the Instruments.

List of Nightmares

  • Moldorm (Found in the Tail Cave)
  • Genie (Found in Bottle the Grotto)
  • Slime Eyes (Found in the Key Cavern)
  • Angler Fish (Found in the Angler's Tunnel)
  • Slime Eel (Found in the Catfish's Maw)
  • Façade (Found in the Face Shrine)
  • Evil Eagle (Found in Eagle's Tower)
  • Hot Head (Found in Turtle Rock)
  • DethI (Found in the Wind Fish's Egg)



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