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Crawford Montizano aka the Nightrider is a member of the Toecutter's Gang and a minor antagonist in the first installment in the Mad Max series.

He is portrayed by Vince Gil.

Nightrider was at somepoint captured and arrested by the police in Sun City. After breaking free from custody, the Nightrider attempt to escape alongside his girl.

Pursued by the Main Force Patrol, Nightrider initially managed to outmaneuver them until the MFP's top officer Max Rockatansky entered the scene. Max pursued the Nightrider in an intense high-speed car chase that soon began to wrack on the Nightrider's nerves. To scared to focus on the road, the Nightrider crashed his car, killing both himself and his girl.

The Nightrider's body was later recovered by the Toecutter and taken away by him.


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