My apologies, Skykander, but I really do need to win
~ Nightshade during his battle with the Skylanders

Nightshade is a master thief and one of the trappable villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. A Dark Trap is required to trap him.


A charismatic ninja thief, Nightshade is by far the most famous burglar that Skylands has ever known. Very smooth, charming, classy, and old-school cool. He was born rich and doesn’t need the treasure he steals. He only does it to show off how awesome he is. When the Core of Light was destroyed and the Dark Realm was cut off from the rest of Skylands, Nightshade was rumored to have finally retired from the game. But now that the Midnight Museum is set to host one of Skylands’ rarest treasures, the Dark Eye of Unvisibility, everyone knows it’s only a matter of time before Nightshade resurfaces for one last, big heist.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Nightshade snuck into the high security Midnight Museum to steal the Dark Eye of Tomorrow in order to steal everything in Skylands. The Skylanders attempted to retrieve the Dark Eye before it could fall into the wrong hands, but Nightshade beat them to it and snatched the artifact before making his escape. After the Skylanders defeated the security forces of the museum, Nightshade was cornered by the heroes and engaged them in a fight. During the battle, the Doom Raider used the shadows of the pillars to inflict damage to the Skylanders and created shadow clones of himself to confuse and harm them.

Despite this advantage, Nightshade was defeated and accepted capture with dignity.

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