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I am Darkness. The Truth of the other world.
~ Nightshroud

Nightshroud is a major antagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. He is an evil spirit that has the ability to possess human beings. He was also one of the seven Shadow Riders. He is a minor antagonist in the first and second season, but he later returns as the main antagonist in the fourth season.

In his true form, he was voiced by Hozumi Gōda. While possessing Atticus Rhodes, he was voiced by Kōji Yusa in Japanese and Jason Griffith in English. While possessing Yusuke Fujiwara, he was voiced by Makoto Naruse.


Nightshroud's character design was overseen by Kenichi Hara. While possessing a host, Nightshroud wears a tight-fitting overcoat with raised shoulders and waistline and gold and green trimmings.

His dark dragon mask, similar to that worn by his signature monster "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon", is completely black with the exception of its blue eye-pieces and a red stone in the center of the forehead. In this incarnation, the bangs closest to his face are positioned in front of the mask.

Immediately before Yusuke's fall, Nightshroud's energy form is glimpsed as an immaterial spirit, with a body swathed in black smoke. He has two long, gangly arms ending in claws, and no legs. His true form is a cloaked skeleton with glowing blue eyes resembling a Grim Reaper. He wears grey and red robes with gold trim, and has a dragon-shaped skull for a head with horns at the back of it, with the same shape as the mask his previous hosts wore. In this form he does not use a Duel Disk - instead, he grows five wings, each serving as one Monster Card Zone and one Spell and Trap Card Zone apiece. His cards materialize directly into his hands - his Deck is unseen.


Nightshroud is a calm individual with the belief that individuality, hope, and bonds are what bring about people's suffering. He believes himself to be a "savior" and that complete peace can be brought into people through complete nullification (giving people no hope or despair). Nightshroud rarely loses his composure in conversations or Duels unless he is tricked or caught off-guard, especially if it relates to darkness within people. He sees people as beings that will eventually enter his world, but sees people with Duel Monster Spirits inside them as "foreign objects" that must be eliminated.

When individuals show fortitude against Nightshroud by using hope and bonds, he will become determined to use anything he has to destroy all hope and bonds that people have within themselves and give himself a better advantage such as using illusions to trick his opponents, using any darkness they have against them, or using his opponent's Duel Partners against them.

According to himself, Nightshroud follows the logic and truth of the world and thus has no actual desires.


Nightshroud was the first of the Shadow Riders to challenge the "keykeepers" and therefore the first to lose. His shadow charm was the mask that he was wearing to conceal his face. He duels Jaden in the first night, right after Jaden was told about the Shadow Riders. He uses a "Red-Eyes Deck" which revolves around summoning "Red-Eyes Black Dragon". When Nightshroud is defeated, it turns out he is a spirit that took control of Atticus, Alexis long-lost brother.

During the Genex tournament, Atticus duels Zane Truesdale, and Nightshroud starts taking him over again, however, Zane finishes the duel before Nightshroud can take control over Atticus again.


  • Due to poor writing with the continuity, Nightshroud being one of the Shadow Riders doesn't make any sense in retrospect; but the Abandoned Dorm plot thread needed wrapped up (with only 20 episodes slotted to Season 4) and Nightshroud and Atticus's connection to it was the only part confirmed in Season One.
  • The most likely reason he sought the power of the Sacred Beasts was to free himself of his host body and regain his full power.
  • He cannot banish people to the World of Darkness if they have some kind of mystic link. Jaden fused his soul to Yubel, while Kaiba is a reincarnation of a priest who used the Millennium Rod and Yugi once bore the Millennium Puzzle.
  • The horrible future Nightshroud prophesied was the Meklord Emperor Genocide; which was prevented thanks to its survivors time traveling to the past and inspiring Yusei Fudo to ensure the Ener-D wouldn't go out of control.



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