Always bet on stupidity.
~ The Sniper to Boggs

The unidentified Nightwatch Sniper was a villain introduced in the Babylon 5 episode "Ceremonies of Light and Dark".

He was portrayed by Paul Perri.


An old war buddy of Boggs, the sniper had fought in the Earth-Minbari War. Later described by Michael Garibaldi as "a real psycho" he tortured and murdered Minbari POWs during the war. After the war he found his way in to Nightwatch.

In 2260 he was on Babylon 5. He managed to evade station security as they hunted down the other members of Nightwatch and went in to hiding with Boggs and a few others. There they plotted to drive off the Minbari and return the station to the control of Nightwatch and Morgan Clark.

After the battle for B5's independence, the sniper located John Sheridan and was about to shoot him. He was prevented from shooting Sheridan by Boggs, who feared that it would make him a martyr. When Boggs mentioned going after the Minbari, the sniper mentioned that during the war he had taken some time in killing POWs, and started singing how the bones of the body were connected.

The sniper helped Boggs and the other Nightwatch members kidnap Ambassador Delenn, the captain of one of the Minbari warships protecting Babylon 5, and that captain's aide. They hoped that the Minbari would withdraw support in exchange for Delenn's life. During this time he revealed that he knew the Minbari language, and told the captive Minbari how handy his knowledge of the language had been in telling Minbari to dig their own graves.

Sheridan and the B5 senior staff were able to determine where the sniper and the rest of the cell were holding the hostages. Faking a reactor leak, the crew was able to force the sniper and the other Nightwatch out in to the open. In the shootout with B5 forces, the sniper threw a knife at Delenn, which embedded itself deeply in her back.

With his friends attending to Delenn, Sheridan took off after the sniper. Catching up with him in a nearby corridor, Sheridan began beating the man, yelling that he would have no more of the Nightwatch on his station before knocking the sniper unconscious. The sniper was then taken in to custody.

Two years later the B5 maintenance worker Bo mentioned to his friend Mac about witnessing the beat down the sniper had received from Sheridan, and how he had heard it took three days before the sniper was able to get up again.

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