Water Pollution Prince Nigorl ze Arelunbra is the head of a prominent Water Pollution clan, the Arelunbra family, and the main antagonist of episode 26 of Engine Sentai Go-Onger.


Long before the Banki Clan Gaiark rose to power, Nigorl led the Arelunbra Family in a conquest of the Machine World, only for him and his top warrior Uzumaquixote to be transported to Earth after a portal to it opened up, where they became frozen due to the clean air.

However, Nigorl was later revived and revilatized by the Gaiark's three Pollution Ministers. Upon seeing Kegalesia, Nigorl falls in love with her due to her beauty. The Go-Ongers then arrive and Nigorl summons his "Beauty Ugatz" to deal with them before convincing her to perform the "Water Pollution Fusion" with him. However, during his fight with the Go-Ongers in Engine G9, Nigorl takes notice of Engine BearRV and falls in love with it, breaking off the fusion with Kegalesia to pursue BearRV.

Nigorl later takes BearRV away from the Go-Ongers, making plans for their marriage. However, Miu and Saki manage to trick Nigorl into giving up BearRV's Engine Soul. The rest of the Go-Ongers then arrive and together they defeat Nigorl.

As Nigorl lays mortally wounded, Kegalesia approaches him and destroys a can of Bikkurium that could have saved him, leaving him to die.



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