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Nihilus is the secondary antagonist of the animated Christian video series The Story Keepers.


Nihilus functions as a centurion of the Praetorian guard for the antagonist of the series Nero. Nihilus views all of the other centurions under him as rivals rather than fellow soldiers, and is reviled for his viciousness, especially when it came to dealing with the Christians. As one of his plans of purging Christians from the city, Nihilus constructs a catapult specifically designed to launch burning debris into the tunnel where Christians were hiding in to flush them out. The plan, however, runs into some bumps, and is sabotaged.

When Nihilus and Tacticus were exploring the catacombs the christians were using as a hideout, it started to collapse. When Tacticus fell and called out for Nihilus for help, Nihilus ungratefully abandoned his comrade to his death telling him to "help himself." This event led to the Christians rescuing Tacticus, leading to Tacticus becoming interested in Christian beliefs. Shortly after this, Nihilus began to suspect that Tacticus - one of his fellow centurions - was a Christian in secrecy, and he vows to see him executed.

Nihilus makes himself a recurring enemy towards the baker Ben, his wife, and the children that they had under their care. In one of his most vile acts, Nihilus tries to convince the children that Ben was a liar and was intending on keeping them as slaves instead of returning them to their parents as promised. When they decline his offer of turning Ben in, Nihilus sets the house on fire, fully intent on killing all of them.

When Ben was imprisoned, Nihilus' student, Capella, who had witnessed the death of Christ and is skeptical of christianity, Ben started telling him the story of the resurrection of Christ. When a Christian rescue effort ties up Capella and releases Ben, Nihilus announces he will kill Capella if Ben escapes. To save Capella, Ben frees Capella and imprisons himself.

Nihilus arrives, taking Ben to the Coliseum revealing that Nero desires to see Ben crucified for his treachery. Unfortunately for him, the aforementioned student rebels against him, sabotaging the crucifixion. Nihilus angrily stabs his student, and the student dies, hopeful of waking up in Paradise. Nero - angered at Nihilus' constant failures, intends on crucifying Nihilus himself, but Nihilus escapes.

Nihilus reappears again, his desire for revenge being tenfold and having enlisted a group of bandits. He tracks Tacticus and Ben to the deserts of Shem Hadar and takes the two men hostage. His plan of selling them off to bounty hunters is foiled by Helena and the children when they foil the bandits, and in anger, Nihilus engages in one final battle with Tacticus.

The two clash towards a cliff; Nihilus loses his footing, and hangs onto the cliff, intending to drag Tacticus off the cliff as a sacrificial effort. He rejects Tacticus' hand and tries to stab him, but falls to his death.


  • Ironically Nihilus was responsible for Tacticus becoming a christian as Nihilus leaving him to his death led to him being saved by christians and eventually being converted.
  • Nihilus is believed to be loosely based on the captain of Nero's guard, Sophonius Tigellinus.
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