Niko Bellic (Serbian: Нико Белић) (born June 25 1978) is the main protagonist and playable character of Grand Theft Auto: IV. It is implied in a side mission that Niko is possibly from the Balkans, when asked by serial killer Eddie Low if he hails from the Balkans, Niko replies with "Hey, you're a smart guy". Niko grew up during the harsh times of the Yugoslav wars, in which he participated as an angry youth.

Personality-wise, Niko is a very down-to-business person, and is very protective when it comes to his family and loved ones, especially Roman. The most significant aspect of Niko's personality is his cynicism, which he gained in the war. He criticizes his acquaintances for expecting him to have fun amidst his troubled situation. Niko's biggest weakness is his inability to let go of the past - which causes him much aggression when the issue of finding his betrayers comes up; Niko is criticized by many of his friends and most notably Roman, for this weakness. His first girlfriend was Michelle, whom he later leaves after she turns out to be an undercover detective, and his fifth, Kate McReary either way dies at the end (if the player chooses Revenge) or feels disappointed in Niko for violating his principles, but forgives and consoles him in his time of loss (in Deal). Niko also has three other girlfriends: Carmen Ortiz, Kiki Jenkins and Alexandra Chilton. Niko was voiced by Michael Hollick.

Niko 's favorite radio stations are Vladivostok FM and Liberty Rock Radio.

Villain Side

Although it is one of the less ruthless protagonists (of course, when compared with Tommy Vercetti), you can still classify as a villain by the fact that he has direct connections with mafias and criminal gangs, telling the optional murders and human trafficking he once performed. Niko witnessed many atrocities and war crimes, including a number of children lined up against a church wall, each with their throats slit and hands cut off. And, obviously like any protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, the player has the choice and abillity to kill thousands and hundreds of innocent people, making Niko a brutal killer.

Grand Theft Auto V

When Michael De Santa plans a heist on a jewelry store his friend Lester mentions about an Eastern European guy making moves in Liberty City, but he went quiet. This is an obvious reference to Niko. When Packie McReary is discovered in a random event, and if brought into a robbery he will mention Niko and their heist on a bank in Liberty City 5 years prior (during the mission Three Leaf Clover). Packie will mention he hasn't heard from Niko in years. Its possible Niko retired from a life of crime after either of the endings in Grand Theft Auto IV.

In the GTA Online counterpart to Grand Theft Auto V, if players bought the collectors edition they will be able to choose Niko as their father as part of the character customization, which will give the character a likeness to them.

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