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You've played Mario Brothers for the last time
~ Nikolai

Nikolai is a one-time villain from the Comedy Central animated series, Brickleberry, only appearing in the episode "Saved by the Balls". He is a mobster who runs The Russian Marijuana Cartel.

He is voiced by David Herman, who also voices Steve Williams from the same show.


In "Saved by the Balls", Steve and Denzel came across a cabin full of dead bodies. They were then approached by their killer, Nikolai. Nikolai mistook them for his mob's new growers from California. Steve and Denzel played along with the act so they wouldn't get killed. Nikolai gave Steve and Denzel a tour of the weed farm and showed them that all their crops were dying. He said that his last grower did a bad job so he shot him multiple times in the head. He then commanded Steve and Denzel to grow weed for him and expected the weed to be fully grown in one week. Nikolai said that if they failed to grow by then, he would stab them in the anuses.

The next day, Nikolai found Denzel and took him to the weed farm to check on the weed. Denzel was certain he was going to die so he asked Nikolai to stab him in the throat before he stabbed him in the asshole. Just then, they arrived at the weed farm and Steve had grown enormous weed forests, using the testosterone from Malloy's dismembered testicles.

Nikolai made Steve and Denzel his new favorite employees. He made sure to give them everything they wanted. He even went as far as to kill his own son right there on the spot just because he didn't bless Steve when he sneezed. Nikolai also gave Steve and Denzel a fancy limo with sexy hot bikini models to massage them and a waiter to bring them an endangered white tiger carcass full of crunch berry cereal and even a few bars of some cocaine.

Steve complained about Woody to Nikolai. Nikolai told Steve that he would "take care" of Woody for disrespecting him like that. Nikolai shortly after killed his own mother because she didn't bless Steve when he sneezed.

Nikolai broke into Woody's cabin and captured him and Malloy for some reason and took them to Steve, where he gave Steve the honor of killing Woody so that he could be accepted into their cartel for life.

Steve couldn't bring himself to kill Woody and he revealed that he was actually a park ranger, who worked for him and then pointed his gun at them. Nikolai and all of his teammates pointed their guns at him but Steve took out a jar of Malloy's ball and said that if they shot him, they'd also be shooting the jar of balls they grow their weed from. Nikolai shot the jar and the balls fell down a storm drain. Denzel came in with a gun and shot the mobsters but Nikolai survived and ran into the weed forest with Woody, holding him at gunpoint. Denzel shot Nikolai in the head, killing him instantly and ending the drug cartel once and for all.


  • He claims to be a Russian mobster despite speaking with an Italian accent and having Italian culture.


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