Nicholas Garland

Bishop Nikolas Garland is the main villain ofYs III: Wanderers From Ys and it's remake Ys: The Oath in Felghana.

Bishop Nicholas is the current head of the Felghana church, working as a mediator of sorts between Count McGuire and the townspeople of Redmont. He gives advice to Adol and works with the town's mayor Edgar to uncover the count's motives.

Much later, the bishop is revealed as the true mastermind behind the actions of both the count and Chester Stoddart. Some years before the game's events, Nikolas went to the Illburn Ruins, where he spoke with the spirit of Galbalan. Ever since he's been plotting to revive Galbalan, manipulating McGuire and Chester to retrieve the four statues needed for the resurrection. When Adol brings the four statues to Valestein Castle, the bishop finally reveals his true plans and effortlessly beats Adol and Chester. He attempts to take Chester with him, as since he was a descendant of the hero who imprisoned Galbalan he was also necessary for the ritual, but Chester's sister Elena offers herself in her brother's place. Chester gives Adol the Genos Sword, which was used by the legendary hero, so Adol follows the bishop to Genos Island where he completes the ritual, but Adol confronts him and kills him before facing against Galbalan.


  • In Ys III, the bishop's first name was not given, and he was not given much character aside from being a minion trying to resurrect his master.
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