Nila Rahmad

Nila Rahmad

Nila Rahmad is the main villain in the Goosebumps book Return of the Mummy.


Nila is a reporter for the Cairo Sun and she wants permission to accompany Uncle Ben as he opens the tomb. Ben consents, as she claims to have run this idea past Ben's partner, Dr. Fielding. Nila asks Sari and Gabe, if this is their first time to be in a pyramid and Gabe says it is. Nila admires Gabe's pendant and shows him her matching necklace—only hers doesn't have a scarab inside. Ben tells Nila a bunch of stuff about the pyramid in a clumsy attempt to impress her. Gabe complains that it is cold inside the pyramid and he should have brought a sweatshirt. Unfortunately for her, Khor-Ru wants to rest in peace, so he tries to choke her to death when she awakes him. At the end she is transformed into a scarab.

Other appearances

  • Nila appeared in the television adaption of the book portrayed by Afrah Gouda.
  • Nila appears in the Goosebumps movie among the other villains led by Slappy.
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