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Nils Debruuk is a minor, but pivotal antagonist in the pre-sequence title of the 2018 spy action film Mission: Impossible - Fallout. He is a Norwegian scientist who had created the designs for three plutonium balls for the shadow organization, the Apostles.

He was portrayed by Kristoffer Joner.


Two years after the arrest of Solomon Lane, the remnants of his organization, The Syndicate, have reorganized as a rogue terrorist group called the Apostles. Ethan Hunt is assigned to buy three stolen plutonium cores in Berlin from Eastern European gangsters before the Apostles can. He is joined by Benji Dunn and Luther Stickell for the mission, but the team fails when Stickell is taken hostage and Hunt's attempt to save him allows the Apostles to make off with the plutonium. The team later captures Nils Delbruuk, who designed nuclear devices for an extremist named John Lark. They confirm that Lark hired the Apostles in order to find Lane.


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Nils Debruuk

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