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Nina Asuraato Uinviria

Nina Asuraato Uinviria as a Dark Elf.

Nina Asuraato Uinviria is the titular character and female lead of Elf Hime Nina. At first she is a heroine who tries to marry the heir of the throne out of the concern for for her people, but she became a villainess who abandons her concern as well as helping Kyle train Miriya.


Not much is known about Nina except that she is one of the seven heroes who defeated the Demon King. Years after the Demon King's defeat, Nina goes to marry the King and expected it to be Syll. However, it turned out to be Syll's brother Kyle, who became king after Syll's death. Nina decided to leave until her servants tell her that her father is ill. However it turns out to be a trick set by Kyle and so both Kyle and Miriya *trained* her to be a proper bride until Syll rescued her. However it turned out that Miriya used evil spirits to take over Syll's dead body and Miriya tells her plans on usurping the throne by killing Kyle and using Nina as a pawn. Nina refused and Kyle later shows up and reveals that he knew of her plans and Miriya revealed that she used a puppet spell on Kyle, only to reveal that he made himself immune to it and so he used the spell on Miriya and Kyle to train her. Later on, Kyle gives Nina his final "Bridal Training", and eventually Nina became a Dark Elf. She helps Kyle train Miriya and Miriya, who became a loyal slave to Kyle and Nina. Miriya and Kyle have a threesome and is implied Nina is pregnant with Kyle's child.

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