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The strong will rule over the weak in my utopia! Power will be the only factor that matters!
~ Nine explaining his philosophy for his ideal world.

Nine (ナイン Nain) is the main antagonist in the 2019 Anime movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. He is a mysterious man who can use nine different Quirks. He is one of the most dangerous villains Izuku and the rest have ever faced.

In the Japanese dub, he was voiced by Yoshio Inoue. In the English dub, he is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch, who also voiced Izuru Kamukura and Tohru Adachi.


Nine is a tall man with the same weight as All For One but close. He has rectangular gray eyes with white pupils and has white hair that reaches toward his shoulders, worn swept back from his face.

He also wears a large black mask that covers his mouth and nose along with four extra pieces winding around his exposed skin of his face and his head. Along with four darker plates covering neck for each side it has, lined with a dark purple and a similarly flat muzzle or gas mask covering his mouth and is decorated with seven gray studs. There's even a large purple and black cylinder protruding from one each of his shoulder blades. For his full body suit, mostly he wore a blazer and dress pants of a pale lilac color.


Nine is cold and ruthless, willing to commit atrocities (like harming children and teenagers) to carry out his ambitions. Due to suffering from an unfair past, Nine believes that only those who are strong deserve to rule, with his goal being to build a world where his philosophy is a reality.

Powers and Abilities

Weather Operations: Nine's original Quirk, which allows him to control the weather. He can create massive thunderstorms and powerful tornadoes in an instant. However, using this quirk damaged part of his body because it was too powerful for his body to handle.

All For One: Nine is compatible with All For One's Quirk factor, and received a less powerful copy of his Quirk from Daruma Ujiko which allows him to steal up to eight Quirks.

  • Quirk Identification: This Quirk lets Nine see what another person's Quirk is and measure its power.
  • Unnamed Barrier Quirk: This Quirk lets Nine create multiple barriers to protect himself.
  • Unnamed Energy Blast Quirk: This Quirk lets Nine shoot powerful lasers from his fingertips.
  • Unnamed Air Blast Quirk: This Quirk lets Nine shoot high-pressure air blasts from his hands.
  • Unnamed Water Dragon Quirk: This Quirk lets Nine create multiple enormous dragons made of liquid.
  • Cell Activation: Stolen from Katsuma Shimano's father. This Quirk lets Nine activate the cells in a body to accelerate them and heal all damage. However, it only works for people with a Type-A blood type, rendering it useless to him.


The man that would be known as Nine was born with one of the most powerful Quirks ever known, which gave him an almost god-like ability to control whether to his whim, but it also caused his own cells to decay whenever he used it. He grew disillusioned with society, tired of being in a world where people suffering from tragic lives would be ignored and eventually molded into villains while the heroes that stopped them were worshipped and idolized, and wanted to make a new world where the truly powerful was at the top. As he descended further into his dark path, he befriended Slice, Mummy, and Chimera, who too were disillusioned and wanted to build a new world. He made a deal with Dr. Daruma Ujiko to gain more power and build a new society where he and his companions could finally live without the pressures of the current world.

Nine's body was augmented to gain a weaker copy of All For One's Quirk, which gave him the ability to steal a maximum of nine Quirks. He was also given an apparatus to regulate his Quirk to alleviate the damage dealt to his cells. With his new power, Nine stole many powerful Quirks until he found a man with the Quirk Cell Activation. Nine stole his Quirk in the hopes that it could counteract his cell decay, but it didn't work as the Quirk was incompatible with his blood type, making it useless to him. He then traveled to Nabu Island to search for his Mr. Shimano's son, Katsuma, hearing that he had inherited Cell Activation. Katsuma's version of Cell Activation could work with most blood types, including Nine's own. When Deku tried to stop him, Nine attempted to steal One for All but failed due to it stockpiling several Quirks, too many for him to hold.

Nine survives his apparent defeat in the hands of Bakugo and Deku. Tomura Shigaraki rescues him but, realizes that he was using him as a puppet to create the world he wanted together. Because of this, Tomura destroys Nine with his Decay Quirk.

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