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The strong will lord over the weak in my utopia! Labels like "Hero" and "Villain" won't be necessary. Power will be the only factor that matters! That's how a true superhuman society should be structured.
~ Nine explaining his philosophy for his ideal world.
Tomura: I knew you'd survive.
Nine: Shigaraki.
Tomura: Did you have a good life?
Nine: I've just begun, I'll keep fighting.
Tomura: Don't worry, I’ll take over your dream from here.
Nine: There can only be one true ruler.
Tomura: Yes...ONLY ONE. Goodnight, Nine. Excellent work.
~ Nine's last words before being killed by Tomura Shigaraki.

Nine (ナイン Nain) is the main antagonist in the 2019 Anime movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Originally a man outcasted by society, he became the test subject of Dr. Daruma Ujiko's experiment, which granted him the Quirk known as All For One, allowing to steal and use up to nine different Quirks.

He seeks to destroy society, in hopes of creating a new one where the strong rule over the weak. However, before he can accomplish this goal, he must find a way to cure his body as his Quirks have been destroying the cellular tissues in his body. He is one of the most dangerous villains Izuku and Class 1-A have ever faced.

In the Japanese dub, he was voiced by Yoshio Inoue. In the English dub, he is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch, who also voiced Izuru Kamukura, Lelouch vi Britannia, Tohru Adachi, Izaya Orihara, Sasori, Ryuunosuke Uryuu, and Hector Doyle.


Nine in the past.

Nine is a rather tall, slim but muscular man, dressed in a blazer and dress pants of a pale lilac color. He has rectangular gray eyes with white pupils and has white hair that reaches toward his shoulders, worn swept back from his face. Whenever he stole Quirks from others, his eyes would flash a bright yellow color, but when at full power, they would change to the color red instead.

When Nine enters in this state, he also gains flashing purple veins that spread across his body. Normally, these veins would appear as a sign of him abusing his powers and as such, he would be exhausted.

Underneath his suit, he wears a black life support suit, equipped with a large black mask that covers his mouth and nose along with four extra pieces winding around his exposed skin of his face and his head. Along with four darker plates covering neck for each side it has, lined with a dark purple and a similarly flat muzzle or gas mask covering his mouth and is decorated with seven gray studs. There's even a large purple and black cylinder protruding from one each of his shoulder blades.

In the past, Nine wore basic, average clothing, though they were in rather poor condition. He wore a long hoodie that reached to his legs, over a torn shirt and black pants. At some point, he wore a brown cloak, hiding most of his body when pursuing his dreams with his comrades.


Nine, for the most part, is a calm and collected individual. He rarely shows any sign of emotion and as such, he can come across being rather cold and emotionless. Even in more dire situations, Nine is able to restrain his emotions and is able to keep a cool-levelled head. Nonetheless, Nine isn't completely devoid of emotion as he values his fellow comrades, in which they too in turn value him. As a result, he refers to his dreams as theirs and plans to fulfill them alongside them.

Nine's declaration of creating a new world.

Nine believes that the way society is in its current state is heavily flawed. Due to the nature of his Quirk, he feels that he is being ruled by the weak, which he despises. He believes that only the strong may rule above the weak and that the only way to determine those who were strong were those who possessed powerful Quirks. His ideology has inspired other villains such as Slice, Mummy, and Chimera, all of which have felt that they have been oppressed by society. While he cared little for the weak, he did value those that were strong, regardless of whether they were his ally or foe.

Though he doesn't hesitate to create collateral damage and put innocent civilians at harm, he does not resort to killing them and would instead prefer that they surrendered their Quirks to him, showing a more peaceful side of him. During his final battle with Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo however, Nine slowly began to show signs of despair and rage, due to the effects of his Quirk damaging his body. As a result, he didn't hesitate to threaten Katsuma's sister, Mahoro and put her life at risk, if Katsuma refused to surrender his Quirk.



Nine's past.

The man that would be known as Nine was born with a Quirk that allowed him to control and manipulate the weather around him. His Quirk was immensely powerful and was viewed as a god-like ability. At the same time though, Nine was one of the many who felt outcasted in society and believed that it should not be this way. Instead, Nine believed that he should be the one at the top of society's hierarchy, due to his powerful Quirk. Nine sought out to reshape society into his image, where the strong stand above the weak and powerless. His ideology has attracted those that would later become his close companions, Slice, Mummy, and Chimera.

Nine explaining his conviction.

One problem however was that his Quirk was doing a great deal of damage to his body. This was because his Quirk was too powerful for his body to handle and so he needed to find a way to cure this problem. This is where he would find himself meeting the League of Villains' doctor known as Daruma Ujiko. Nine presented himself as a test subject to Daruma's experiment, in hopes he would cure him. Daruma examined and was amazed at his Quirk, as well as how he was able to live so long, despite his body slowly dying. He was curious as to why Nine was interested in taking part in his experiment, in which Nine explained to him his history and his goals. Daruma eventually decided that he would in fact be a good candidate to use for his experiment and began the procedure on him. Nine was told that he would be kept stabilized into a capsule until the procedure was fully complete.

The experiment performed on him would grant him a cloned version of All For One's original Quirk, allowing him to steal other Quirks. What Nine didn't know was this experiment would only cause more problems for him in the future, but nonetheless, he thought of himself as nothing more than a guinea pig and went through with it.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

Some time after the events of Deika City Incident, the League of Villains were tasked with transporting Nine's capsule, though not knowing what exactly they were transporting. Twice made clones of Dabi, Spinner and Mr. Compress to carry out the task and transport the capsule in an armored truck. Though as they were doing so, they were caught up by Pro Heroes on the highway, in which they were eventually able to ambush them and cause the truck to crash off to the side of the highway. Despite this, Nine had managed to awaken from his capsule and escape before the Pro Heroes could reach to him.

Nine back together with his comrades.

Nine later reunited with his comrades, in which he informs them about the power he obtained, granting him the ability to steal Quirks. On the other hand, he told them about the side effects that he received, which led Chimera to believe the experiment was nothing but a waste of time. Nine assured to him that he simply needed a Quirk to cure his illness and that in time, they will be able to achieve their ideal utopia.

Nine and the others carried out their plans by finding a person who may possess such a Quirk that would heal him. They eventually came across Katsuma Shimano's father, who Nine was able to deduce that he had a healing Quirk by scanning him. Nine then proceeded to take his Quirk and then uses his original Quirk to call up a storm and destroy the city around him. However, to his surprise, Nine still suffered pain from using this Quirk and realized that Mr. Shimano's Quirk was not compatible with him, as it only worked on those with blood Type-A, wheres Nine's blood type was Type-B. Slice then shows him a video from Mr. Shimano's phone of his children, in which Nine realizes that Quirks are inherited through genetic relations. Thus, Nine intends to meet with the children and take their Quirks, in hopes one of them possessed the one he needed.

Nine tries to steal One For All.

Nine and the others eventually reached to the island, in which he sent his comrades to create a diversion to attract the heroes, in order for Nine to secretly carry out their true plan. Nine eventually confronts the two Shimano siblings, in which he uses his identification Quirk, identifying that Katsuma has the Quirk he is looking for. Before he could capture him, however, Izuku Midoriya manages to arrive and prevent the villain from stealing his Quirk. Nonetheless, Nine manages to overpower the hero and even tries to steal One For All from him, but is surprised to see that he is unable to do so.

Believing that he is prevented from having his Quirk, Nine instead decides to get rid of Izuku Midoriya entirely and focus capturing Katsuma. He blasts him, as well as the kids away with his air blasts, then paralyzes Izuku with his energy blasts. Katsuki Bakugo manages to arrive and help Izuku fight against Nine. The combined forces of the two causes Nine to forcefully use his Weather Manipulation, destroying everything around him. Now under the impression that the two have been defeated, Nine sets out to capture Katsuma once more, but the usage of his Quirk causes him to strain his body, forcing him in a paralyzed state. As a result, he is saved by one of his comrades, Slice, and the two relocate with Chimera in a nearby lighthouse to recover for the time being.

Having been well rested and healed from his condition, Nine is now determined to capture Katsuma at any costs necessary. He and his comrades make their way to Mount Shiroyama, after learning that everyone on the island, including Katsuma, has been relocated here for safety. The three managed to get caught in a trap set by the UA students, however, forcing them to separate from each other. Nonetheless, Nine continues to carry out the mission on his own while his comrades dealt with the other UA students. Nine manages to defeat all of the students until he is left to face against Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo once more.

Nine fully amped.

The two manage to drive the villain to his breaking point after their initial battle, causing Nine to lash out in rage. Nine is then forced to amp his power with a Quirk enhancement drug, causing his power to go beyond the limits his body can handle. He then unleashes his Weather Manipulation to its full extent, destroying everything around once more and overwhelming everyone opposing him. After having to defeat the students, he proceeds to take Mahoro hostage and threatens her life on the line, as he demands Katsuma to surrender his Quirk to him. Izuku manages to stop the villain and save Mahoro, however, after he and Katsuki managed to survive the damage done from his Weather Manipulation.

The two then proceed to overwhelm him once more, causing Nine to go all out once again. This time, Nine uses his Quirk to create a large tornado, surrounding the entire island, which proceeds to create all sort of cataclysmic damage. His overwhelming power was too much for the two heroes to handle and as such, he was able to easily overpower the two. Having them in his possession, Nine explains to them his view on society, how he aims to create a society where everyone of pure power will be equal, while Katsuki insists such a dream was impossible. This leads to Izuku having to share One For All with Katsuki and thus, the two proceed to use One For All at 100%. With this newly obtained power, they destroyed the tornado that Nine created with a Detroit Smash, causing Nine to be shocked at this display of power. After a drawn out battle, the two heroes were finally able to defeat Nine for good.

Nine's death.

After everything has settled, Nine was left behind in a field of flowers, though in a heavily injured condition. Tomura Shigaraki then arrives to the scene as he watches Nine barely able to crawl on the ground. Tomura asks if Nine had a good life, in which Nine tells him his goal has only begun and that he will fulfil it. Tomura insists that he plans to make his dream come true, in which Nine then states there can only be one true king among them. Tomura agrees with this statement and decides that Nine must be out of the picture. As such, Tomura proceeds to kill him with his Decay Quirk, ashing away Nine's body.

Powers and Abilities

Nine is overall one of the more powerful threats that Izuku Midoriya and his friends have had to face. In combination with his original Quirk and All For One, he has proven to be a foe capable of taking on many by himself. Though not as powerful as All For One or Tomura Shigaraki, Nine nonetheless demonstrated overwhelming power, to the point that it took the combined forces of Midoriya and Bakugo to use the full extent of One For All and defeat him.


Nine utilizing Weather Manipulation.

  • Weather Manipulation: Nine's original Quirk allows him to control and manipulate the weather itself. As a result, he can create deadly thunderstorms that can struck down lightning, creating massive collateral damage. He can also create a large tornado, allowing him to propel himself into the air and destroy the area around him.
  • All For One: Nine's second Quirk is one that was cloned and received from the experiments performed on him by Daruma Ujiko. It is a weaker version of All For One's original Quirk, as he can only steal and hold up to eight Quirks with it. Nonetheless, the Quirk has proven to be effectively useful for him and has been able to extract Quirks from other people.
    • Unnamed Identification Quirk: Nine is able to monitor his target's readings through an infrared-colored system, allowing him to monitor their Quirks and scan the power of said Quirk.
    • Unnamed Air Barrier Quirk: Nine can manipulate the air around him to create barriers that shield him from upcoming attacks. He can also use these attacks by absorbing in the impact of his opponent's attacks and send them flying back at them, causing him to push away his opponents.
    • Unnamed Energy Blast Quirk: Nine is capable of summoning purple energy projectiles from his finger tips and shoot them. These energy blasts can extend far and are capable of slicing through solid rock material, as well as creating massive explosions.
    • Unnamed Dragon Quirk: Nine is capable of summoning a large, serpent-like dragon from his back and use this as a means of a long ranged attack. He can summon more than one by splitting the original dragon in half.
    • Cell Activation: Originally a Quirk from Katsuma Shimano's father, Nine is able to regenerate the cellaur tissues in his body, repairing all the damage done to them.


One of the major drawbacks with Nine's original Quirk, Weather Manipulation, was that it would continuously destroy the cellular tissues in his body, due to how powerful it was for his body to handle. As a result, he desperately needed a Quirk that would regenerate his cells as a means to counter this brutal side effect.

Another drawback lies within his second Quirk, All For One, as Nine noted the experiment caused the side effects of his original Quirk to grow worse. Due to this, his body would easily be strained and cause him to lose his breath, should he have relied on his Quirks too often.

Nine's Cell Activation had also proven to be ineffective on him as the Quirk he stole in particular only works on those with Type-A blood. Due to Nine's blood type being Type-B, the Quirk was incompatible for him and as such, he was unable use it on himself.


  • Nine is essentially a prototype of Ujiko's experiment on Tomura Shigaraki in which Ujiko transplanted the same Quirk in Nine as he did with Tomura. However, in Nine's case, he was given an inferior cloned version, whereas Tomura was given the original Quirk.
    • In addition to this, Nine appears to be somewhat of a foil to Tomura in that they both obtained the power to steal Quirks from others and seek to destroy society. What makes them different is that Nine seeks to rebuild society in his image, whereas Tomura more so cares about destroying it entirely (though originally, Tomura's goal was to shape society in his image as well).
  • Nine is said to be able to steal up to eight Quirks with All For One, but he is only seen using five Quirks in total. This does not include his original Quirk and All For One, as these were Quirks he received prior to the experiment performed on him.
  • Nine made a cameo appearance in the manga where he appears in a flashback in Chapter 222 as Tomura explains his conviction of destroying society.

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