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Ninja-Players are Rider troops led by Kamen Rider Fuma and an antagonists in the movie Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending. They are similar to the Ride-Players of Kamen Rider Chronicle, albeit much more powerful, able to take on a Level 50 Rider with ease.

They each come equipped with an unnamed, bladed sword-like weapon and can also throw energy shurikens at their opponent capable of transporting anyone who comes into contact with them to the virtual reality of the Game World thanks to a special type of Bugster virus they are infused with.


Ninja-Players appeared within the virtual reality of Hurricane Ninja. were summoned by Kagenari Nagumo to stop the Doctor Riders from interfering with Machina Vision's attempts to trap people within the Game World.

After the Doctor Riders, freed everyone and shut down Hurricane Ninja, the Ninja-Players vanished.


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