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The Ninja is a minor antagonist in the James Bond video game Nightfire. The Ninja is seen as more robotic then real ninjas. This Ninja is seen stealthily spying on Bond and Alexander Mayhew as they leave to get to the Phoenix Corporation headquarters; however the Ninja jumps down as they ran to the car, and slices Mayhew's back open. What follows is a boss battle between Bond and the Ninja. Bond can use any gun he wants, and the Ninja is extremely tough to kill, because of his speed, his sharp sword, and his athletics. The Ninja never says a word during the battle. He is almost about to kill 007 but then the agent shoots him in the head killing him.

One's health can quickly run down in this battle and there is not much lying around. It's better to stay well away from the Ninja.


The boss between the Ninja and 007 is rather like the boss battle between Zed and Juliet in Lollipop Chainsaw. Curiously, both involve a Japanese master being killed.



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